Valle di Riofreddo / Dolina Mrzle Vode

Valle di Riofreddo / Dolina Mrzle Vode is one of the most beautiful parts of Western Julian Alps. You enter it between two quite stand-alone mountains: Cima del Cacciatore / Kamniti Lovec and Monte Re / Kraljevska spica. After some 8km the valley closes with two V-shaped, wild ridges on Forcella di Riofreddo / Trbiska skrbinica, 2240m. In good conditions it is a great destination of a ski tour. Right above it, the highest peak is Cima di Riofreddo / Divja Koza / Kaltwasser Gamsmutter, 2507m, while left, there's Cima del Vallone / Trbiska Krniska spica / Korspitze, 2368m, with its nice NE butress, one of the finest climbs in the group. April 22nd, 2006.


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