Vancouver Island Hiking and Climbing

Vancouver Island Hiking and Climbing

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Your one-stop-shop for all things mountainous on Vancouver Island.

The following is an alphabetical easy reference compilation of mountains, ranges and trip reports that I and several others have produced over the years and entered on Summitpost and elsewhere.

Click on each entry for a detailed description including location, geography, history and background, access, weather, route details and more. Where more than one route has been documented for a mountain, sub-links will be found within each page for each route.

Vancouver Island Areas and Ranges

Vancouver Island Mountains

Mountain link Author
50-40 Peak vancouver islander
 undefinedAbel, Mount Alexandra
Adder Mountain vancouver islander
Adrian, Mount vancouver islander
Alava, Mount vancouver islander
Albert Edward, Mount vancouver islander
Alexandra Peak vancouver islander
Allan Brooks, Mount vancouver islander
Alston Fin vancouver islander
Alston, Mount vancouver islander
 Mt Apps N AspectApps, Mount vancouver islander
Mt Argus
Argus Mountain walkingtrashcan
Arrowsmith, Mount vancouver islander
Augerpoint Mountain vancouver islander
Beadnell, Mount vancouver islander
Becher, Mount vancouver islander
Castlecrag Mountain vancouver islander
Central Crags vancouver islander
Cokely, Mount vancouver islander
Comox Glacier, The vancouver islander
 Crest Mountain N AspectCrest Mountain vancouver islander
 undefinedColonel Foster, Mount johnrw
Conuma Peakvancouver islander
Crown Mountain vancouver islander
 Mt Curran W AspectCurran, Mount vancouver islander
Drabble, Mount vancouver islander
Elkhorn Mountain vancouver islander
Elma, Mount vancouver islander
Empress Mountainvancouver islander
Finlayson, MountCharlesD
Frink, Mount vancouver islander
George V, Mount vancouver islander
Golden Hinde, The vancouver islander
Grattan, Mount vancouver islander
H'kusam Mountain vancouver islander
 undefined Horseshoe Mountain Alexandra
 Jagged Mountain NW AspectJagged Mountain vancouver islander
Mt Joan W Aspect
Joan, Mount vancouver islander
Jutland Mountain vancouver islander
King's Peak brian jenkins
Kitchener, Mount vancouver islander
Klitsa Mountain vancouver islander
 Kokummi Mountain E AspectKokummi Mountain vancouver islander
Landale, Mount vancouver islander
Lupin Mountain vancouver islander
 undefinedMaquilla Peak Alexandra
Marble Peak vancouver islander
Matterhorn Mountain vancouver islander
McBride, Mount vancouver islander
 McKelvie, Mount vancouver islander
Merry Widow Mountain vancouver islander
Moriarty, Mountvancouver islander
Morrison Spire vancouver islander
Myra, Mountvancouver islander 
Peak 1931vancouver islander 
Pinder Peak vancouver islander
Point 1715 vancouver islander
 Queen Peak NW AspectQueen Peak vancouver islander
Red Pillar, Thejamesmh
Regan, Mountvancouver islander 
 Rugged MountainRugged Mountain hunterslee
Squarehead, The vancouver islander
 Mt Spencer NW AspectSpencer, Mount vancouver islander
Strata Mountainislandclimber
Sutton Peakvancouver islander
Thumb Peakvancouver islander
Tlupana Ridge vancouver islander
Tom Taylor, Mount vancouver islander
Victoria Peak vancouver islander
Waring Peak vancouver islander
Whymper, Mount vancouver islander

Vancouver Island Trip Reports

In alphabetical order based upon the mountain described in each report.

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