Velické Granáty

Velické Granáty

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.16556°N / 20.15833°E
Activities Activities: Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7940 ft / 2420 m
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The whole complex massif of Granátové veže (from Kvetnicové sedlo to Velická kopa), Granátova lávka (grassy ledge separating Granátove veže from Granátove stieny) and Granátove stieny (lower stretch of faces in the area of Velické Granáty) consists of the ridge leading from Bradavica to SW, separating Velická dolina Valley from Slavkovská dolina Valley. It is an area full of towers, saddles, ribs and ledges, consists of two floors of towers. The "upper floor" is called Granátové veže and the "lower floor" consists of Granátove stieny. It is a side ridge, which starts at Bradavica (2476 m) and goes to SW to Velická dolina Valley. This ridge forms a barrier in Velická dolina Valley, thus separating it from Slavkovská dolina Valley. First summit in this ridge is Rohatá veža (2420 m) and the last one is Velická kopa (2227 m), respectively Velické hrby. Below this ridge, there is Granátova lávka ledge, which separates the ridge of Granátove veže from lower situated ridge of Granátove stieny. This ledge starts in Opálové sedlo and ends in Dvojité sedlo. Originally, the name Granátová stena was used only for a rocky face above Velické pleso tarn, so called Večný dážď. There were found gemstones - red garnets, so the whole area was called after them. The best starting point for all tours in this area is Hotel Sliezský dom, on the shores of Velické pleso tarn. For the best overview of the whole area, please, click here.

Granátové veže

This ridge starts in Kvetnicové sedlo, between Bradavica and Rohatá veža. Descent from this saddle to Slavkovská dolina Valley is risky. Rohatá veža - Rogata Turnia - Margitspitze - Margitcsúcs
Rohatá veža (2420 m) is the first summit of Granátové veže, separated from Bradavica by Kvetnicové sedlo and from Granátovy roh by Rohatá štrbina. It has 200-500 m high eastern face falling to Slavkovská dolina Valley.
Rohata Veza - Bradavica s neighbourRohatá veža (image by HansG)
First ascent: K. Englisch, A. Englisch, J. Hunsdorfer jr. 26.7.1900 Granátový roh - rocky "horn" in the south-eastern ridge of Rohatá veža, separated from it by Rohatá štrbina, and from Malá Granátová veža by Horná Granátova štrbina. Malá Granátová veža - Mała Granacka turnia - Kleiner Granatenwandturm - Kis Granátfaltorony Malá Granátová veža (2298 m) - tower in the NW ridge of Veľká Granátová veža, separated from it by Prostredná Granátová štrbina and from Granátový roh by Horná Granátová štrbina. First ascent: E.Jekner, P. Csizák - 30.8.1905
Opálová stena and Granátové veže
Veľká Granátová veža - Granacka turnia - Granatenwandturm - Granátfaltorony The most distinctive tower (2318 m) in the ridge of Granátové veže, separated from Malá Granátová veža by Prostredná Granátová štrbina, and from Dvojitá veža by Dolná Granátová štrbina, and from Granátova stena by Granátová lávka. First ascent: K.Englisch, J. Hunsdorfer jr. - 25.7.1901. Dvojitá veža - Dwoista Turnia - Ottospitze - Ottocsúcs Tower (2312 m)at the SE end of Granátové veže, separated from Veľká Granátová veža by Dolná Granátová štrbina and from Velická kopa by Sedlo pod Dvojitou vežou. It has two summits - northern (main summit) and southern. First ascent: E. Muhle - 4.8.1897 Velická kopa - Kopa Wielicka - Flecht - Fonatos The last peak (2227 m) in the ridge of Granátové veže, easy accessible from all sides. It is separated from Dvojitá veža by Sedlo pod Dvojitou and from Velické hrby by grassy Sedlo pod Velickou kopou. First ascent: Z.Klemensiewicz, J. Maślanka - 6.4.1909 Velické hrby Four peaks above Granátová lávka - Zadný, Prostredný, Predný and Malý Velický hrb.

Granátové stieny

Velická dolina
Opálová veža - Podufała Turnia - Isabellaturm - Izabellatorony This is a border point (2250 m) between Granátové veže and Granátové stieny, separated from Rohatá veža by Štrbina pod Opálovou vežou and from Opálová stena by Opálové sedlo. First ascent: A.Englisch, K.Englisch, J.Hunsdorfer jr.- 26.7.1900 Routes in the southern face: here Opálová stena (2285 m) - this is the first summit in the group of Granátové stieny, above the bottom of Velická dolina Valley - so called Kvetnica. It is separated from Opálová veža by Granátová lávka.
Granátová veža
Routes in the south-western face: here Granátová stena (2245 m) - this is the most extensive part of Granátové stieny, separated from Granátové veže by Granátová lávka. It has almost 400 m high SW face. First ascent: A.Kortvélyessy. K. Rosszay, J. Tóth - 7.8.1948
Granátova stena
Routes in the south-western face: here Granátová vežička - tower situated between Granátová stena and Velická stena, below Granátová lávka. First ascent: J.Koršala, F.Ždiarsky - 26.6.1960
Velická dolina
Velická stena (2230 m) - wide face situated below Dvojitá veža and Granátová lávka, falling to Velická dolina Valley. It is separated from Granátová vežička by a gully falling from Dolná Granátová štrbina and from Dvojitá veža it is separated by Dvojité sedlo. First ascent: W.Birkenmajer, J.K.Dorawski, K.Kupczyk - 5.7.1930
Velická stena
Routes in the south-western face: here Routes in the western face: here Routes in the north-western face: here


Velické Granáty area
Velické Granáty areaMap by Július Andráši

Getting there

The best starting point for exploring this area is Horský Hotel Sliezský dom (1670 m) on the shores of Velické pleso tarn. This hotel is easy accessible from Tatranská Polianka (1005 m) by green marked trail (2 hours) or from Hrebienok (1285 m) via Tatranská magistrála - red marked trail (2 hours). Hrebienok is easy accessible by a ground cable car from Starý Smokovec (1010 m). The whole area is a protected landscape and a part of High Tatras National Park, so it is forbidden for non-climbers. Even climbers cannot use routes with difficulty less than III grade of UIAA, except from access paths. Tatra National Park Regulations

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