Veliki Kozjak

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VELEBIT/Lika-Senj county, Croatia, Europe
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Half a day
Walk-up with some rock scramble

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Created On: Jul 17, 2004
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About Route

Path that leads to the summit of Veliki Kozjak branches from Vranjkova Draga road which connects asphalted Krasno - Stirovaca road with Veliki Lubenovac or Alan through Vranjkova Draga valley. Path branches some 20mins above Veliki Lubenovac but this point can also be accessed from Alan pass or Stirovaca valley. When approaching from Veliki Lubenovac, some 5mins before reaching the road, another path branches and over Obli Kuk joins normal route. How to reach main junction on Vranjkova Draga road from Alan pass see Rossijevo Skloniste from Lubenovac route on Rozanski Kukovi page, Alan – Lubenovac section. From the junction where road splits left to Lubenovac and right to Vranjkova Draga it is 15mins till the Veliki Kozjak branch, 1.30h from Alan pass.

Ascent is gradual. It partially ascends along the southern side and later continues via the forested crest of Veliki Kozjak’s. Last ascent to second highest peak, before reaching main summit, is quite steep.

Veliki Lubenovac – Veliki Kozjak: 1.45h

Behind Lubenovac hut path leads straight up, ascending very steeply. Just above the hut it cuts the road two times. Below second passing over the road is interesting pond from which was drinking place for cattle many decades ago when people lived during summers on Veliki Lubenovac. 15mins above the hut you’ll reach a pass where is junction.

Left path leads to Obli Kuk (1501m), rocky bump on the crest of Veliki Kozjak. Over it leads bit longer but more interesting approach to Veliki Kozjak. From the junction path steeply climbs some 30mins till Obli Kuk and from there it takes additional 1.20h to the main summit. 20min behind Obli Kuk jou join normal approach.

Behind the junction it takes another 5mins till the Vranjkova Draga road. Turn left, right is towards Alan. After dozen meters on the road writing on a beech point the Veliki Kozjak is left.

Path gradually ascends traversing southern slopes below the crest of Veliki Kozjak. After some 15mins it turns left and sharply ascends to the pass on the crest between Obli Kuk and central part, 20mins from the road. Here is junction where left path leads towards Obli Kuk. We are heading right.

Through beautiful beech forests path follows the crest, gradually ascending. After 25mins you’ll reach the bottom of very steep climb which takes you to the summit of second highest summit of Veliki Kozjak and out of the forest in another 10mins. In front is beautiful white western face of main summit while between both summits is deep funnel shaped hole. View towards Satorina (1624m) and many other peaks of Mid Velebit opens from here.

From the summit path descends few dozen altitude meters till the foot of main summit, 10mins. In between is junction where towards left branch leads into the funnel shaped hole.

From the pass path ascends steeply, going between main summit on the left and smooth cliffs of eastern group, on the right. After 5mins you are on the pass between them. Through dwarf pine and over the rocks path climbs another 5mins to the summit where beautiful view opens in all directions.

Veliki Kozjak

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