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Location Lat/Lon: 46.36073°N / 13.86178°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7299 ft / 2225 m
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Geographical structure: Eastern Alps > Julian Alps > Triglav group.

Vernar is not very important mountain which leads in nearness of the Slovenian highest mountain Triglav, 2864m. Vernar leads on the southeast side of Triglav. From the west side is connected with nice skiing mountain Kanjavec, 2568m over the small valey Velska. In that way lead some other important mountains: Miselj vrh, 2350m, Skednjovec, 2309m and Debeli vrh, 2390m. On the southeast side is from the summit linked with Tosc, 2275m, Veliki Draski vrh, 2243m, Mali Draski vrh, 2132m, Visevnik, 2050m and in the end of that ridge with Debela pec, 2014m. The east face and slopes are linked with Krma valley. Here stands Kovinarska Koca hut. Road which approaches from Mojstrana or Bled ends at altitude of 950m.

Vernar is not very visited mountain and on its summit leads nice unmarked route from Bohinjska vratca (pass), 1979m. Bohinjska vratca is approachable from Vodnikov hut, 1817m from SW side and from Krma valley from NE side.

Vernar has some nice ravines for alpinistic skiing. For example Vzhodna grapa (East ravine) is also approachable for better tour skiiers.

Getting There

If you come to climb on Vernar from Krma valley you drive from Mojstrana in Sava valley to the end of road in Krma valley. Now the trailhead is on the altitude of about 1100m.

Information on broader area you can find on Julian Alps page.

If you come from west side from Vodnikov hut you can ascend hut from the Pokljuka plateau.

You come to the plateau Pokljuka from the Bled or from the Bohinj valley. With car you drive to the barracks on the Rudno polje. From Bled is 22 kilometers. On the barracks is a signpost with inscription Triglav. We follow that road to the small skiing area where we park by first ski lift. Then you walk to the Vodnikov hut on nice very popular marked route. You don`t have any problems with orientaion.


Julijske Alpe - Vzhodni del (Eastern part). Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:50000.
Julijske Alpe - Triglav. Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:20000.

Routes Overview

Vernar has only one easy approach which is approachable better climber or hikers. It wrote it like a normal route.

Normal route: You drive to the end of road in Krma valley. Then you start walking and by a nice marked route you come to the crossing with route to Bohinjska vratca and route to the Triglav.You choose the first one and you soon come to Bohinjska vratca, 1979m. To the here you can also come from west side from Vodnikov hut. Now you start climbing on south ridge of Vernar and in about one hour you come to the summit. You must climb UIAA I somewhere.

There are some other possibilities for climbing in Vernar. Some climbing routes in east face. But specailly ravines on east face and slopes. One of this ravines is most popular:

Vzhodna grapa (550 m, (grapa III-, 100 m)) (East ravine)

You can climb to Vernar over north ridge which is climbing route UIAA II-III.

Red Tape

The mountain is in Triglavski Narodni park, so all activities, which could do harm to nature, are prohibited.

When To Climb

Vernar is approachable for better climbers in Summer by normal route from Bohinjska vratca, 1979m.

In Winter is popular for tour and alpinistic skiiers which are skiing on east slopes of Vernar.

In Winter you must be careful of avalanches. Specially in Krma valley.

Camping and huts

I named the huts in nearness of Vernar.

Kovinarska Koca v Krmi hut (870m) stands on the edge of Zasipska planina meadows in Krma valley. Hut was opened in 1948 in renewed shepherd’s house. In 1959 new hut was opened. In 1983 freshly renewed hut was reopened. It has 27 beds, water, electricity etc. From the hut is nice view on the peaks surrounding Krma valley, which are rising wildly above it. Hut is open from beginning of June till the end of September.

Dom Planika pod Triglavom hut (2401m) stands on the high plateau Ledine, bellow southern cliffs of Triglav. It has long history. First hut was opened in 1871. It changed names and was resized and renewed few times, last time in 1987, when second object was erected new to old hut. It is open from end of June till end of September. It has 74 beds in main object and dozens more in new one, cold water and power generator. View from the hut is very wide towards east and south.

Vodnikov Dom na Velem Polju hut (1817m) stands on the slopes on Tosc mountain, above Velo Polje field. First hut was erected here in 1895. It was 100th anniversary of Valentin Vodnik’s, who is famous Slovenian poet, Triglav ascent and they named it after him. In 1909 hut was moved little bit on today’s position. Because of poor condition, hut was demolished and new hut has been built for 4 years and opened in 1958. Later was renewed, last time in 1986. It has 53 beds and 10 in winter room, hot water and power generator. View from the hut is very beautiful towards Velo Polje field bellow, peaks around and especially towards Triglav. Hut is open from beginning of June till mid October.

Camping inside the National Park is forbidden. Beside the mountain huts there are plenty of hotels and private apartments in the towns and villages, which surround the area.

Mountain Conditions

Mountain conditions on Vernar are well known thanks to Kredarica (2515m) hut and meteo station, which is just near the Vernar.

A link about weather on Kredarica and mountains in nearness is Wunderground - Kredarica.

Some information of weather in Slovenia you can also find here.



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