Via HyperMeta (G.Ferretti)

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Abruzzo, Italy, Europe
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Snow/Glacier Climb
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Less than two hours

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Via HyperMeta (G.Ferretti)
Created On: Sep 28, 2004
Last Edited On: Oct 10, 2004


See M.Meta approach

Route Description

you attach to the right 30mt of the Direttissima, on an evident ramp to 60°/65°, few before the edge NNE of the wall. Attention, route not always under conditions, it needs a good snowy condition, otherwise more difficulty and precarious.

L1–30MT; mixed snow and ice 60°/65°, climb the ramp to the left of the edge and to stop when this becomes more vertical and rocky (3 nails, short ropes)

L2–60MT; mixed snow and ice 60°/85°, climb the little wall of ice and rock above the standstill and then continue to the right in light diagonal for 20-25mt, mixed 75°/80° ice and snow, where it is stopped (“nails and short rope on spike

Essential Gear

Ice-axe Crampons Rope Some nut and some pitons



Via HyperMeta (G.Ferretti)

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