Via Regondi-Gavazzi bivouac

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Val d'Aosta/Valais, Italy/Switzerland, Europe
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Basic Snow/Glacier Climb
Time Required:
One to two days

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Created On: May 1, 2004
Last Edited On: May 1, 2004


Trailhed in Glassier, Ollomont. Follow GETTING THERE section in MAIN page, for further details.

Route Description

Route n. 2 - from Bivacco Regondi-Gavazzi (beg. at Glassier village, 1.549 m.)
From this route, it takes two day to reach Mont Gelè summit.
Day 1. From Glassier village, park the car where the road ends, cross the river and follow footpath no. 6, direction Inclouisa lakes/Bivacco Regondi. The trail is well marked and there are any difficulties to get to Regondi bivouac (3h00min., 2.590 m.).
Day 2. Walk NE direction. Once passed Benseya lake the trail begins to fade in stony ground and is always closer to Morion chain. Walk on right site of first snowfield: Colle del Mont Gelè must be reached (2h30min, 3.160m). Avoid center of Mont Gelè glacier! From Pass to Mont Gelè summit, same hike of route "Via Crete Seche".

Essential Gear

Crampons, ice axe and light rope essential for day2

Miscellaneous Info

Bivacco Regondi-Gavazzi, 16 places, 2.650 m.
This bivouac is located in the wonderful region of Incluoisa lakes.

Via Regondi-Gavazzi bivouac

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