Vidakov Kuk

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VELEBIT/Zadar county, Croatia, Europe
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Hike with some rock climbing
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Half a day
Walk-up, Rock Climbing (I-II)

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Created On: Jan 15, 2004
Last Edited On: Jan 15, 2004

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Info about Vidakov Kuk is on main page in its own section. It is approached by beautiful path which climbs up the western side of Velika Paklenica, just behind canyon part, or before it. Path is panoramic with great views down in the valley, towards monumental NW face of Anica Kuk (712m) and as you get higher on whole area. You also get to pass by the entrance into Manita Pecina cave, which is open in Sunday mornings. Final summit push is relatively easy rock climb through steep gully between summit cliffs. Path first reaches east summit then descents to the basin placed between three summits to ascent again to the pass below western one.
Vidakov Kuk can also be accessed from Ramici hamlet which is placed on Njive plateau between Vidakov Kuk and Veliki Golic (1265m). Njive is important junction above Velika Paklenica and accessed from it by two paths, one leading from the valley via Njivarska Strana, the other from Paklenica hut via Suha Draga valley. Section from Vidakov Kuk to Ramici hamlet is described below in descending direction while route from Velika Paklenica is better for ascent.

Vidakov Kuk route leads from main Starigrad Paklenica – Paklenica hut route. So that you don’t have to switch between pages I’ll repeat here section till the junction towards Vidakov Kuk.

Velika Paklenica (parking) – Manita Pec – Vidakov Kuk (eastern): 2.10h

In the Starigrad Paklenica town turn towards Velika Paklenica some 200m from or before gas station. Road goes 1 km between several camps till the entrance gate at the beginning of the canyon.

From here it is 2 km more to the parking place in the heart of the canyon. If this parking if full rangers will tell you to leave car at the entrance gate. In such situation National park minibus will take you to the parking inside the canyon for free. If you go on foot from Starigrad Paklenica you'll need almost 1h to get there. This is also very nice section where sides of the canyon constantly rise.

From parking everyone continues on foot. Wide path leads through the most beautiful part of canyon. Wild cliffs are rising hundreds of meters above the bottom, some are overhanging and make you dizzy when you look up. After 10mins path reaches the foot of main ascent in the canyon which is surmounted in many bends by wide build path, crossing the creek 2 times with bridges. Ascent lasts 15-20mins, and ends at the foot of mighty, 400m high, NW face of Anica Kuk (712m). If you have a good eye you might notice climbers in the face. From here they are only tiny colorful dots. Here you can refresh yourself with water that is running out of pipe.

Canyon here suddenly turns into calm and quite wide valley at whose bottom are meadows of Anica Luka (250m). Path continues through green tunnels of hornbeams, by the gurgling creek. After 10mins you’ll reach junction towards Mala Paklenica. Few minutes behind is your junction where signs point towards Manita Pecina cave (left), 40mins from parking.

Build path ascends gradually up the side of the valley, in long zigzags. as you get higher view gets better. Last part of the ascent before the cave leads through some cliffs, over the scree and finally below sharp and beautiful Zub cliff (tooth). After 40mins you reach the observation terrace in front of the cave (540m). From it is beautiful view down towards the valley, Anica Kuk (712m), main ridge of Velebit with some of the highest peaks including Sveto Brdo (1751m). Above are steep cliffs that fall from the edge of the canyon.

From the cave path continues to ascent steeply up the upper rocky sides of the valley with great views. After 20mins you reach the edge of the valley. Behind it terrains is less steep and you see the cliffs of Vidakov Kuk. Till their foot it is 15mins through low hornbeam trees. Once there it is another 5mins towards right till the entrance into steep gully between the summit cliffs. Through it and over the rocks above it is 10mins to till the eastern summit of Vidakov Kuk (843m). From the summit beautiful view expands towards all sides but is best towards the coast and sea.

East Vidakov Kuk – West Vidakov Kuk: 30mins

From the west summit marks descent steeply over rough rocky terrain towards the basin between the peaks. At half way point there is one jump which fits into description of rock climbing or in this case descending. After 15mins you are down. In next 10mins path winds towards the foot of western group cliffs. Then it gradually turns right towards the narrow pass, right below the last cliff. In 5mins you reach the junction where is left 5-10mins of moderate rock climbing to the summit.

West Vidakov Kuk – Ramici hamlet (Njive): 40mins

Behind the narrow pass or door path descends towards left, below the cliffs of west Vidakov Kuk. After 15mins you are on the pass between the cliffs of first step of Velebit. Here is also a junction where is left towards Starigrad Paklenica via Tomici hamlet while you turn right. Soon path passes by small house in ruins then gradually turns right, heading by the rocky fence. 20mins from the junction you’ll reach Ramici hamlet where about 10 houses still survive the climate. Probably someone still takes care about them. Through the ‘streets’ of hamlet you reach junction behind it. Here is left towards Veliki Golic (1265m) and Veliko Rujno while right path heads towards Velika Paklenica. Soon this branch splits into two paths where left one leads towards Paklenica hut via Suha Draga while the right one descends into the Velika Paklenica (lower) valley. All these paths are described under Veliki Golic routes.

Vidakov Kuk

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