View  after a summer snowfall from Gimillian <br>of  Prato  di Sant'Orso, Cogne  and Valnontey

Gran Paradiso GROUP: after a summer snowfall, view from Gimillian of the unmistakeable Prato di Sant'Orso and Cogne village at its left border.
In the background one can see the head of Valnontey, including Roccia Viva, Becca di Gay, Gran Crou, Testa di Valnontey, Testa della Tribolazione, Punta Ceresole.
On the left the limited ski resort of Cogne, and the ridge that, from Montseuc 2333m and Testa di Montseuc 2538m, rises to Punta Fenilia 3053m (summer 1993)

reposted on May 06, 2006


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