View from Camel Hump

This is the view from just below Camel Hump Knob, the high point of Camel Hump Mountain on the AT, covering about 180 degrees of the view. (Behind us, brush and trees block the view into Tennessee.)

The high point in the front mountain is Luftee Knob; behind and to the left is, I believe, Big Cataloochee Mountain. The Balsam Mountain Trail follows the ridgeline in front. All those points are in North Carolina, which is (confusingly?) to our south but on the 'east' side of the trail.

If you follow that ridge to the right and imagine where it intersects with the AT (where I am standing), that's the location of the Tricorner Knob shelter.

Photo taken mid-November 2007 on a beautiful, crisp fall day after the leaves had fallen at "high elevation" (about 5500 feet here).


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