View from the West Face Trail of Cadillac Mountain

This is the view that you'll see from the West Face Trail on Cadillac Mountain (1528 feet) in Acadia National Park, ME. This 1.4 mile trail from Bubble Pond to the summit is about one-half a steep, rocky hike with some class 3 moves required, and with the remainder mostly a walk across large slabs of granite. The scenery during the hike is spectacular. The image shows Bubble Pond and Eagle Lake (on right). The first ridge rises to Pemetic Mountain (1247 feet). As best I can figure it, the summits in the distance are Penobscot Mountain (1196 feet) and Sargent Mountain (1379 feet). Just in front of Sargent Mountain are the South and North Bubble Mountains. The trail to the Cadillac Mountain summit (or, in this case, back down), goes off the right of the image (note the blue trail blaze painted on the tree). Imaged in July 2010.


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