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Jaybird from the Southeast

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Nevada, United States, North America
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Hiking, Bouldering, Mixed, Scrambling
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Half a day

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Jaybird from the Southeast
Created On: Mar 20, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 20, 2007


Jaybird Elevation Profile
There are many routes than can be done for Jaybird. Some might be more gentle. However, this route provides the shortest distance to the summit. Though it is a tough route with the scree you have to go up, it can be very fun surfing down the scree. This is a difficult route but well worth it. The total distance is about 0.76 miles to the summit with around 980 feet net elevation gain. Depending on your pace it can take under an hour or up to a few hours.

Getting There

Road Sign
Driving from Las Vegas take HWY 95 north. When you hit Indian Springs reset your odometer when you pass the big water tower just before the entrance onto Creech AFB. Continue on HWY 95 for 11.3 miles. Make a left turn onto the dirt road. Drive on this road for 5.9 miles. You will reach a fork with a sign marking County roads 553 and 555. Take the right fork (553). Continue driving for 3.8 miles and take a left turn onto 553C. This is just a little bit past the main cliff you can see on Jaybird’s SE face. Drive on 553C for 0.1 miles and then you will reach a T-Intersection, which is 553A. Turn right onto 553A. Drive for 0.4 miles and you will see a small area to park on the left side of the road.

NOTE: This should be done in a high clearance vehicle. Once you are there you might be tempted to take 553A North instead of going back to 553C and back onto 553. There are some areas just around the parking area where if one isn’t careful you could tip your vehicle over the side. I highly suggest driving out the way you came in.

Jaybird Peak


WPT 136.49272 N 115.9455
WPT 236.4946 N 115.94736 W
WPT 336.4989 N 115.94933 W
WPT 436.49888 N115.94897 W
WPT 536.4991 N 115.947764 W
WPT 636.499277 N 115.9480277 W
WPT 736.49833 115.948611 W


WPT 1 Park
WPT 2 Rocky Outcrop; go to the right side of this
WPT 3 Base of the main Rocky Outcrops below the ridge, and South of the main cliff

WPT 4 Gulley needed to gain the ridge
WPT 5 Summit
WPT 6 A gulley you can go down, not far past the summit on the way down, 1st gulley you see on your left when coming down from the summit.

WPT 7 Two little rocky outcrops here, go to the left side of the 1st one, then turn right 90 degrees and hike 40 yards or so then turn and go back down the scree.

GPS Trace of JaybirdGPS Trace

Route Description

Refer to the Waypoints above for some specifics

From your vehicle head straight NW up the ridge towards the rocky outcrop you see. Hike to the right side of this outcrop and then continue NW up the scree. Make switchbacks if you need to up the scree. You might find yourself in a lineman stance hiking up at some points. Refer to the waypoints if needed.

Continue hiking up towards the rocky outcrops that are below the ridge and to the left (west) of the big cliff. Once up here scramble through some easy class 3 sections. Hike and scramble towards the big cliff looking for a gulley to go up and gain the main ridge below the summit. Waypoint 4 and 6 can be used as gulleys, however, waypoint 4 will be the 1st one you come to and the recommended one. Once you get through this gulley you will be on the main ridge and it’s a short stroll slightly NE to the summit.

On the summit you can find a register under some rocks next to the Jaybird Benchmark. While on the summit take a look SE over the cliff. It’s a nice straight drop off. You have a good view of the Sheep Range to the east, Spring Mountains to the southeast, Mt. Stirling to the South, and Mercury and the Nevada Test Range to the North.

Return Hike

Gulley next to Jaybird s SE CliffWPT6
When you leave the summit and head back down, look to your left and find the 1st gulley. This is WPT 6 in the Waypoints section. Hike down this gulley and stay to the left. There are some easy class 3 sections. From here continue down about ¼ mile or so to WPT 7. Here you will see 2 small rocky outcrops. Hike to the left side of the 1st one then turn 90 degrees and hike about 40 yards. This will help you avoid some steep sections after the 2nd rocky outcrop down the ridge. Once you’ve hiked about 40 yards to your right past the 1st outcrop continue to scree and hike down the ridge.

Soon you will come to the rocky outcrop past the scree. Stay to the left of this and hike the last 0.18 miles down to the vehicle. Remember to drive out the way you came in.
WPT 7 on Jaybird s SE RouteWPT7

Jaybird from the Southeast

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