Views of Obergabelhorn

Views of Obergabelhorn

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Obergabelhorn and Wellenkuppe from NE (19.8.2004) - Photo by om

OBERGABELHORN - a famous mountain between Dent Blanche and Zinalrothorn


    ... has very steep flanks to each side...

    ... the smooth ice face to the north ...

    ... the S face is a pure rock face (Rahel Maria Liu).

    * Obergabelhorn at sunset (Photo by om)

    * Dent Blanche - Obergabelhorn - Zinalrothorn (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

    * Obergabelhorn - a famous mountain in the Walliser Alps (Photo from om)

ObergabelhornObergabelhorn - Sainte Marie aux Neiges

    * Dent Blanche, Obergabelhorn, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn, from Lysjoch (Photo by David Holland)

    * Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Ober Gabelhorn, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn (Photo by KoenVI)

    * Lucky mountain climbing (Photos by om, Michael Prittwitz, Gui Lemmens and McBojan)

    * Dufourspitze Summit Panorama - Photo by rgg

Lyskamm - Mont Blanc - Breithorn - Matterhorn - Dent Blanche - Obergabelhorn - Zinalrothorn Show labels

    * Obergabelhorn with its steep and icy N Face, seen from Rothornhut (Photo by Rahel Maria Liu - 2003)

Obergabelhorn and Wellenkuppe from NE - 19.8.2004

    * Obergabelhorn (4063 m) - a famous mountain (Photos from om)

Vallée de ZinalVallée de Zinal


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