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Views of Ulrichshorn
Created On: Jan 11, 2008
Last Edited On: Apr 12, 2017

North Side of Ulrichshorn and a part of the normal route - Photo by jck


is a summit with a wonderful panorama, especially the impressing view towards the NE face of the Lenzspitze and the Nadelgrat ...

The Nadelgrat is a fantastic climbing route with 4 (or 5) peaks over 4000 m:

the Dürrenhorn (4034 m), the Hohberghorn (4219m), the Stecknadelhorn (4241 m), and the Nadelhorn (4327 m).

People sometimes count also the Lenzspitze, 4294m, as part of the Nadelgrat.

(Rahel Maria Liu)

  • Amazing dawn in the windgraf with the view of Ulrichshorn - 2007 (Photo by Rafa Bartolome)

  • Mischabel Massif - view from our bivy under Lagginhorn (Photo by Ivona, 09.2010)
    Täschhorn - Dom - Lenzspitze - Nadelhorn - Ulrichshorn

  • Balfrin & Ulrichshorn
    Panorama of the complete Bernese Alps in the background (Photo by Nikman)

  • View from Windjoch - Ulrichshorn - Ried Glacier
    (Photos by il.rocciatore, Rahel Maria Liu, Artoirius, om, andre hangaard, Hiltrud Liu and jck)

UlrichshornGood ViewFinal RidgeUlrichshorn with its North RidgeRied GlacierUlrichshornNE Ridge

  • View of Ulrichshorn (Photo by il.rocciatore)
Ulrichshorn, Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn, Hohberghorn

  • A good view from Windjoch - Ulrichshorn - Sunset
    (Photos by klimsmurf, Artoirius, Rahel Maria Liu, Hiltrud Liu, jck and hansw)

UlrichshornGood ViewView from WindjochIn cloudsA bench on the summitUlrichshornSunset

An impression why it is...Windjoch - Photo by Remco Woutersen
  • Panoramic View of Ulrichshorn (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

Strahlhorn - Rimpfischhorn - Allalinhorn - Alphubel - Täschhorn and Dom in clouds - Nadelgrat - Ulrichshorn in the foreground

  • Ascending Ulrichshorn (Photos by Jurgen Mesman, Rahel Maria Liu and jonmitch)

Ascent of UlrichshornPennine Alps at sunriseUlrichshorn


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Views of Ulrichshorn

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