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Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
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Vigolana GROUP
Created On: Sep 17, 2013
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Mountain Rescue

The group Vigolana, looks like a wall at first sight unattainable. It rises to the south-west of Trento, above the Adige valley, south stretches towards the plateau of Folgaria and Lavarone, while to the north-east overlooking the valley of Caldonazzo and Centa. The climb on this mountain range, little known, has nothing to envy to the most popular routes and offers a wild environment

Main summit

Mountain Rescue

This mountain has its highest elevation in the Becco di Filadonna 2150m., the highest eastern peak and excellent viewpoint of Trento and Lake Caldonazzo. On the northern slope at the top between rocky walls there are two rocky crags called: La Madonnina and Il Frate. At the basis of "La Madonnina" is the Bivouac Vigolana the Madonnina (m.2030). The upper part of the group, which is the area between the north and the east ridge crest, is an interesting karst plateau also called "Bus de la Caldera."

Along the ridges at the top:
  1. Becco della Ceriola 1935 m.
  2. Cima del Campigolet 2029 m.
  3. Cima Vigolana 2030 m.
  4. Becco di Filadonna 2150 m.
  5. Monte Spilech
  6. Terza Cima 2027 m.
  7. Seconda Cima 1926 m.
  8. Monte Cornetto 2060 m.

On the S ridge of Becco di Filadonna
On the S ridge of Becco di Filadonna

Becco di Filadonna from the SE
Becco di Filadonna from the SE

Becco di Filadonna
Becco di Filadonna


Geology and vegetation

Mountain Rescue

The western side, which faces the Val d'Adige, is format for the most part from the Main Dolomite (Dolomia Principale) and its top from the rocks of the Group of Grey Limestone ( Calcari grigi).
The morphology of the summit plateau is mainly karst and, lesser extent, glacial.

The vegetation consists mainly of beech, scots pine and black pine. In addition there are oak, larch and fir, pines and rhododendrons unfortunately devastated by a fire of vast proportions broke out a few years ago. The undergrowth, on the contrary, offers an infinite variety of flowers and fruits, such as anemones, cyclamen, lily of the valley, raspberries and blueberries.

Becco di Filadonna
Becco di Filadonna

Becco di Filadonna
Becco di Filadonna

Ski mountaineering
Ski mountaineering


Riserva Naturale Scanuppia

Vigolana GROUP

Scanuppia Nature Reserve in the heart of Prealps and Lessini mountains - a paradise for capercaillies.
The Scanuppia Nature Reserve is located on Vigolana massif above the town of Besenello, and covers an area of 583 hectares. It is 1,450 m a.s.l. at Malga Besenello and reaches 2,132 m at the peak of Vigolana. It includes the pastures surrounding Malga Imprech with its historical Malga Palazzo mountain-dairy and the entire State-owned forest of Scanuppia.

This is the reserve of the grouse, the capercaillies which seem to have found their ideal habitat there on the southern slopes of Vigolana overlooking Valle dell'Adige. Golden Eagles can often been seen in the reserve too, just like roe deer. The area was established as a nature
reserve in 1992. More than half of the area is covered by forests - red and white firs and beeches at low altitudes, then larches and finally dwarf pines at higher altitudes. The rest of the area consists in Alpine pastures and meadows.
Located on the reserve grounds, Malga Palazzo is an imposing building built in 1589. It is a perfect example of fortified mountain architecture and has been property of the Trapp Earls for many years.

Vigolana from Becco di Filadonna

Getting there

How to reach the plateau of Vigolana

  1. From Trento, Vattaro, Passo Fricca path SAT: 439 or 442
  2. From Padova, Valsugana Caldonazzo, Centa S. Nicholas path SAT: 444
  3. From Folgaria, Costa, path SAT: 425, 451

Refuges and bivouacs

Rifugio Casarota
Bivacco la Madonnina
Rifugio Paludei

Rifugio Casarota

Map and books

kompass 631 - Altipiani di Folgaria Lavarone e Luserna 1: 25000

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