Visitor Center Walk-Up

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Georgia, United States, North America
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Basic Trail
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Less than two hours

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Created On: Nov 14, 2003
Last Edited On: Nov 14, 2003


Follow the directions off of the main page to the visitor's center.

From the visitor's center you will see a road which is only open during daylight hours that leads to the top of the mountain. If you're really lazy you can just take your car to the top. If you wan't to walk you'll see a pretty obvious trail with a sign. Take that one.

Route Description

The first .2 mile is the most streneous, the grade lightens a little after that. But basically keep following the trail past a couple of boy-scout projects and you'll wind up at the top. Once you get to the parking lot your almost there just continue up some stairs and when you see the rocky outcrop, you know your there. The trail to the top is about 1 mile.

If you're tired go ahead and walk back down to your car. But if you have some energy keep going and about another .50 miles you'll wind up at little Kennesaw mountain.

For the really adventerous keep going down little Kennesaw and you'll wind up at the bottom of that peak from which you can complete a 5 mile loop back to the visitor center (veer towards your left/South) or you can continue to Kolb's Farm (veer towards your right/North). From this point no matter which direction you go (except back up the mtn) the hike becomes very easy..just some rolling small hills. If you want better descriptions to Kolb's Farm and some other sights in the park follow this link Kennesaw Trails .

Essential Gear

Just dress for the weather. You don't need any special gear. If you park at the visitor's center make sure you're back at your car by the time the park closes as they threaten to tow at that point. Also the water fountains sometimes don't work so it doesn't hurt to bring along some water.

Miscellaneous Info

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