Volcan Toliman - Guatemala

Volcan Toliman - Guatemala

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Location Lat/Lon: 14.61226°N / 91.1895°W
Additional Information County: Solola
Additional Information Elevation: 10361 ft / 3158 m
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Volcán Tolimán is a large andesitic stratovolcano that rises above the south shore of Lake Atitlán. Tolimán was constructed within the Pleistocene Atitlán III caldera, near its inferred southern margin. A shallow elliptical crater truncates the summit, and a minor subsidiary peak to the SSW also has a shallow crater. In contrast to the tephra-covered surface of its twin volcano to the south, Volcán Atitlán, the surface of Tolimán is draped by prominent thick lava flows. Many of the flows were erupted from vents on the volcano's flanks and form a highly irregular shoreline on the south side of Lake Atitlán. No historical eruptions are known from Tolimán. However, a lava flow that entered Lake Atitlán from the parasitic lava dome of Cerro de Oro on the northern flank was considered by Newhall et al. (1987) to be less than a few thousand years old based on the thickness of sediment accumulated on the sublacustral part of the flow. No recent eruptions reported

The north peak of Tolimán is the principal peak with a rocky elliptical crater 150 to 200 meters (500-650 ft) in diameter and a depth of 40m (130 ft). The rock on this volcano is pyroxene andesite with hornblende.

Toliman volcano and Cerro de OroViewed from Panajachel

volcan Toliman and AtitlanTwins volcanoes Toliman and Atitlan in the back

Getting There

TO SAN LUCAS TOLIMANA) From Guatemala city to SOLOLA (2 or 3 hours) by bus. Then to Godinez and descent to San Lucas Toliman all the way at the edge of the Atitlan Lake.

B)From LAS TRAMPAS (2 hours) by car - 117 kilometres from Guatemala city. Go direct to Godinez then San Lucas Toliman.

C)From south coast in Escuintla. then 113 kilometers searching Patulul then San Lucas Toliman. between this 2 towns is Tarrales... the south route to climb.

TO SUMMITA) Popular route from San Lucas Toliman to the south, Then get to Finca Pampojila searching El Chanan to the west. El Chanan is the middle union of a twin volcano - Atitlan. This point is recommended to camping and is useful to climb both volcanoes. From El Chanan is Toliman to the north and Atitlan to the south. NO TRAILS to the Toliman volcano, so you need to get throght the full vegetation.

Volcan TolimanToliman volcano has 2 peaks, north peaks is the very principal with 3158 meters above sea level

Red Tape

No fees... is recommended paid for a guide, no trails at all after El Chanal.


El Chanan is a plane area recommended to camp if you want to climb any of both volcaones Toliman or Atitlan. No huts or any facilities.

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