Vortex Shedding on Mt Shasta

March 26, 2010 - Vortex shedding off of the summit of Mt Shasta. The bubbles of compressed air would build up over the summit and then burrow through the lenticular cloud once it was released. After timing the movement of these 'bubbles' and checking it on a map later, I calculated them as moving at between 80-120 mph!

The wavy parts of the lenticulars are where the cloud is transitioning to lee-wave clouds due to the oscillating turbulence in the air as it passes over the peak.

Notice the compression of clouds on the front of this 'bubble' as it burrows through the lenticular cloud.
For scale, keep in mind that the north face of Mt Shasta here still rises 4,000 ft above us!

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Dimensioned diagram here


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