Vranjska Draga canyon

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Location Lat/Lon: 45.31570°N / 14.16721°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Sport Climbing, Toprope
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Vranjska or Vela Draga, the vast valley at the foot of Učka's north-western slopes is well known to mountaineers and nature lovers, although it still remains distant and unknown to many.

The canyon starts on the altitude of some 700m at the very entrance to Učka Tunnel, descending down to Boljunsko polje (plane) on 200m.
Beautiful Vranjska DragaVranjska Draga (Vela Draga) canyon
Vranjska Draga canyonThe lower part of Vranjska Draga canyon

Vranjska Draga is dominated by high and sheer rocks which are creating a unique and characteristic karst phenomenon in Istria.
Veliki Toranj (Big Tower)Veliki Toranj

The most attractive and amazing cliff is the 100 mtrs high Great Tower (Veliki Toranj), a natural phenomenon that will surely impress even those who are not so enthusiastic about rock-climbing.

Some rock formations are difficult to access, so Vela Draga canyon provides perfect habitat for numerous protected animal and plant species.

In the year 2004. was created a geological nature trail at the edge of this stunning canyon, with numerous panels along the marked path that provides usefull information about the valley.

Total path lenght is about 600 mtrs and you will need some 30-45 min to make complete round trip.

The canyon is also a part of Učka Nature Park.

Getting There

Entrance at the Vranjska DragaEntrance into Vela Draga

From Rijeka city drive in direction to Pazin/Buzet in Istria. After 25 kn you will drive through the Tunnel of Učka. Turn right just after the tunnel and then turn left at the T-junction. Park on the left side of the road after some 200 mtrs on the small parking lot where you will notice the first Vela Draga instructive panel and first markings.

If you are coming from Istria inland than you have drive towards the Učka tunnel and just before entering you have to turn right (near the gas station) towards the local road and than on the crossroads left.

Climbing at Vranjska Draga canyon

After the beginning of the twentieth century, when its "towers" were discovered by mountaineers from Trieste (famous rock climber Emilio Comici), Vranjska Draga becomes a place of training and an inevitable location for all free climbing enthusiast.

Today Vela Draga canyon offers more than 60 well equipped climbing routes.

Optimal season for climbing is autumn and spring. It is also pleasant in winter time if there is no wind. Very hot in summer.

Canyon climbing routes (all below mentioned routes are protected by bolts):

Sector - Nad tunelom
Climbing sector - Nad tunelomSector - Nad tunelom

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Wave of the future7a+20m
06.Sunčana Luka6a30m

Sector - Grga

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Moje zlo6a10m

A spaghetti-like tower in...Vid - Svijeća (eng. Candle) tower
Svijeća (eng. Candle) towerLimestone tower - Svijeća

Sector - Svijeća

Climbing is not allowed anymore!!!

Sector - Okno

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Nad oknom6a10m

Sector - Furija

No.Route nameGradeLenght

Sector - Rukavica
Rukavica (Glove)Rukavica (eng. Glove)

No.Route nameGradeLenght
04.Desni rub6b25m

Sector - Gorgona
Detail from Vela DragaGorgona sector seen from Veliki Toranj

No.Route nameGradeLenght
03.Black coffie5c+13m
04.Bijelo pranje4b+13m
06.Motika direct6a+11m
08.Fu - fu5c11m
13.Žuta ruža5c12m
14.Bršljanov žlijeb5b14m
16.I am from Austria5c15m

Sector - Fliper

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Bršljanov rub4a13m

Sector - Castello (W)

No.Route nameGradeLenght

Big towerClimbers on Veliki Toranj (eng. Big Tower)

Sector - Castello (S)

No.Route nameGradeLenght

Sector - Castello (S-W,W)

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Plastic sausage6a+12m

Sector - Veliki toranj

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Commici brid6a40m
02.Crna mačka7a+20m

Sector - Ispod tornja

No.Route nameGradeLenght

Sector - Northern barrier
Northern barrierNorthern barrier

No.Route nameGradeLenght
01.Prljava sudbina6c (5c,6c)80m
02.Nirvana6c (6c,6b)90m
03.Yugu - yugu6c+30m
04.Socijalni problem6c+ (5b,6c+,6a+)100m
05.Papagalo6b (6b,3)Upper the tunnel 50 m

Red tape

Vranjska Draga canoyon is protected landscape area and therefore it is protected by the Croatian Low on Nature Protection.
Oak treeOak tree

"Protected landscape is a natural or cultivated district of more aesthetic or cultural and historic value, or a landscape characteristic of a particular region. In protected landscapes are not allowed actions that violate the characteristics of
which is declared."

Prohibited activities:

- off-road driving and driving out of the main public roads
- waster dumping
- destruction or removal of cave decorations, fossils and minerals
- destruction of plants, animals or fungi
- making fire
- camping
- making noise

More informations

Climbing tower at Vela DragaClimbing tower at Vela Draga
Entrance tickets: free entrance

Opening Hours: non-stop


Učka Nature Park Public Institution
Address: Liganj 42
Postal Code: HR-51415 Lovran
Phone: + 385 (0)51 293753
Fax: + 385 (0)51 293751
E-mail: park.prirode.ucka@inet.hr
Website: www.pp-ucka.hr

Weather conditions in the area

Informations on weather conditions in the area can be found on
Croatian State Hydro-meteorological Institute site:

Weather forecast for Učka



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