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Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia, Europe
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Vychodná Vysoká
Created On: Sep 19, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 16, 2008

What's new?

Page totally updated on the 10th of September, 2008!!!

21st of June 2007: Tomas Kristofory added a superb winter-photo of the mountains above Velka Studená valley! You can see the photo at Getting htere section.

12nd of June 2007: Nice ice-climbing pictures have been added by marlenka and julesblaidd!


Vychodná Vysoká (slo), Mala Wysoka (pol), Kis-Viszoka (hun), Kleine Visoka (ger).

When evening shadows fall...Photo by Tomek Lodowy

Východná Vysoká (2428 m) proudly presenting its E wallVychodná Vysoká East wall on the left by Tomas Kristofory

The main beauty of this peak is that there might be no crowd on the top which is /to be honest/ sometimes rare according to High Tatras's peaks! There is always silence and peace on the top! But during getting there you may meet a lot of people at Polsky Hreben (2200m).

The routes are not hard for people who know the conditions of high mountains!

There is a beautiful view on the whole High Tatras from the summit.

Getting There

Zamrznuté Pleso (2013m) from...Zamrznuté Pleso (2013m)

You can get to the High Tatras by car by bus by train or even by plane. The main center of the tourist atractions in the High Tatras is Poprad. The city of Poprad is situated at the south-east side of the High Tatras not far from the smaller villages in the mountains!

You can get there by plane from Bratislava (Sk), Prague (Cz), and from Viena (At), wich are the closest airports to Poprad National Airport. Unfortunatelly for the hungarian tourists there aren't any planes from Hungary!

Peaks above Velka Studena valleyPeaks above Velká Studená valley by Tomek Lodowy

You can reach Poprad by train or by bus from most of the bigger cities of the neighbouring countries and Slovakia! Thanks God trains and buses are also comeing from Hungary!

For helping the tourist who come from Hungary:
The trains leave from Budapest, Keleti International Railway Station a few times a day! For more information you might visit the website of the Hungarian National Railways (MÁV)!
The buses come from Budapest, Népliget International Bus Station also a few times a day. The website is www.volan.hu!

You can also go by car from all over Europe!

Return from Vychodná VysokáImage by Tomek Lodowy

From Poprad there is a train to all the villages in the High Tatras: Strbské Pleso (1355m), Stary Smokovec (1010m), Tatranská Lomnica (850m), Tatranská Polianka (1005m) and there is a bus to Podbanské (950m). The best way to get to the base of the mountain is to go to Tatranská Polianka! The train goes to Stary Smokovec and there you have to change train and leave to Strbské Pleso. Tatranská Polianka is the fourth stop! The tickets are not expensive!
You can also start climbing from Stary Smokovec but it is a bit longer except if you make a circle and finish your route at Tatranská Polianka or the opposite way (start at Tatranská Polianka and finish at Stary Smokovec).

Mountains above Velka studena valleyMountains above Velká Studená valley by Tomas Kristofory

Red Tape

There are no route fees and summit fees but you might pay at some places for the parking if you go by car.

The routes are closed from the 1st of November to the 15th of June!

Wildlife rules are to keep the mountains as clean as possible and be in silence as the mountains do not make any noise to disturb you! You must not collect anything from nature, you might not take off the signed routes, and do not make fire or put up a tent inside the National Park!

Looking East from Sesterské...Looking East from Sesterské Pleso (1960m

When To Climb

Team comes up to Vychodná VysokáClimbing up Vychodná Vysoká. Image by julesblaidd

You can climb in every time of the year! But from the 1st of November to the 15th of June you need a mountain guide or a notice from the head of the Tatra National Parks /TANAP-Tatranské Narodny Park/ that you are alloved to climb in the winter, it's dangerous time because of the snow avalanches.

In the winter you might have crampons, ice axes, ropes beside worm clothes!!!

Guided mountaineering: www.tatraguide.com!

Scenery from Vychodná VysokáWinter scenery from Vychodná Vysoká by julesblaidd


Looking North-East from the...Looking North-East from the route to Zbojnická Chata (1960m)

You can camp at almost every village in the High Tatras from where you can start your journey in the morning! See more info at www.tanap.sk!

There are hotels on the way to Vychodná Vysoká too. If you go from Stary Smokovec you can sleep at Biliková Chata/Hrebienok (1285m), if you start at Tatranská Polianka there is a sleeping possibility at Slyezsky dom (1680m).

The neighborhood of Zbojnícka hutThe neighborhood of Zbojnícka hut. Photo: peterbud

Mountain Conditions

The website of the Tatra National Parks is: www.tanap.sk!
They can help you find a camp to sleep or in the transport or in wildlife and in mountaineering of course!
There is another website which could help you in the High Tatras: www.vysoketatry.org!

Looking back onto Litvorová...Looking back onto Litvorová Dolina from Sedlo Prielom (2290m)

There is a meteorological station at Lomnicky stit (2633m) but I have no information about web cams! There is no web cam on Vychodná Vysoká!

I wish everyone not to use these phone numbers but for the case if there will be need of them:

Red cross at High Tatras: 155
Mountain Rescue Team: 18300
Mountain Helicopter Service: 18155

The Helicopter Station is at Stary Smokovec and they usually make flights to controll the area!
The website of the Mountain Rescue Team is :www.hzs.sk!

Ice climbing

Text will be added soon!

Vertical iceworld Photo by marlenka

Ice climbing on Vychodná Vysoká Picture taken by julesblaidd

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