Wallowas 2011

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Wallowas 2011
Created On: Dec 15, 2011
Last Edited On: Dec 16, 2011


These are the photos taken on a 5 day backpacking/peakbagging trip involving Flanders, M and N Denyer and me in Oregon's Wallowa Mountains. Flanders and I hit China Cap and Burger Butte on Day 1 then met up with Mark and Natasha that night. Day 2 we hiked in south via the West Fork of the Wallowa River to Six Mile Meadow and then up to the Lakes Basin where we camped at Douglas Lake. Day 3 we hiked form Douglas Lake over to Moccasin Lake then up and over Glacier Pass to Glacier Lake. We waited out a storm there before hiking down to Frazier Lake to camp that night. Day 4 was spent hiking north from the lake along the West Fork Wallowa River(Frazier Lake is one of the sources of the West Fork Wallowa River) and then up and over Polaris Pass, tagging Sentinel Peak and Polaris Point on the way. We then headed up and over Tenderfoot Pass to camp at Jewett Lake. Day 5 Flanders headed out early while Mark, Natasha and I climbed Bonneville Mountain, then hiked back to camp where we packed up and headed out north via the East Fork of the Wallowa River and back to the cars. (Flanders and I hit South Sister before he flew back home but that is the Cascades and this album is dedicated to the Wallowas, one of my favorite places in Oregon.)

Day 1 - China Cap and Burger Butte

Day 2 - W Fk Wallowa River Trailhead to Lakes Basin (Douglas Lake)

Day 3 - Douglas Lake to Frazier Lake via Glacier Pass

Day 4 - Over Polaris Pass to Jewett Lake

Day 5 - Bonneville and Out



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Wallowas 2011

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