Wanda Peak

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Wanda Peak
Created On: Feb 15, 2011
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Wanda Peak
Cerro Negro on the left and Wanda in the center

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Wanda Peak is beautiful mountain in the Mercedario Group.
Most people who are heading for the Cordillera de la Ramada have just the Mercedario in mind. Very few go for Ramada, Mesa, Alma Negra or Pico Polaco. Wanda Peak is a bit away from the different routes to those 6000m peaks. To reach the summit from the campsites in Valle de Collorado or from the normal route of Mercedario will take a very long day!
Therefor it's not climbed very often although it is a nice viewpoint and with 5234m a good peak to acclimatize for the bigger mountains in that area.
The recent Anoeker map shows a height of 5234m. My GPS readout was 5255m. Here are the summit coordinates - WGS84

S31 58 26.2 // W70 01 24.5 // 5255 m

Getting There

Ancho Plateau
looking south on the Ancho Plateau
Paso Ancho
Paso Ancho as seen from Valle de Colorado

Starting Point is Barreal about 1 hour drive from Uspallata or 3 hour drive from Mendoza. There is a lot of information about getting there on the other mountainpages of the Mercedario Group. The mining road is back in operation and you can drive by 4WD all the way to the Refugio de la Laguna. In Las Juntas you have to register with the mining company.
The best starting point for the mountain is from the Ancho Plateau. It is a huge plateau between Valle de Colorado and the normal route of Mercedario. There is plenty of water. To camp there is a good opportunity as Cerro Negro can be also climbed via the normal route. To reach the plateau you got two options.

Count on two days to approach Pirca de Polacos - the base camp in the Valle de Colorado. From there you need to climb the Paso Ancho - a very steep valley just opposite the basecamp. As shown in the picture you need to find your way in between the red and yellow. The whole valley is prone to rock avalanches. Take care!

From the normal route of Mercedario follow the old minig road to the Caballito Glacier. At about 4000m start climbing the hill to your left and turn in a valley leading to the south. At a certain point you will find a trail below the red rocks with switchbacks. At about 4600m you are on the plateau.

Climbing the Mountain

Wanda Peak
looking south on the summit ridge

There are many possibilities toe reach the summit. If on the Plateau you can start climbing when you reach about the middle between Negro and Wanda. The slop is of moderate steepness and dark color. When the scree becomes very steep and loose look for the white rocks leading to the ridge a bit south of the summit. Scrambling those rocks is by far easier then the loose scree slope. If you do so you will join the ridge right between white and red rocks. The other side of the ridge is very beautiful with pinnacles a little glacier and small lakes of different color in the valley below.

Expect around 12 hours roundtrip when starting at Guanaquitos or Los Colorados and if you are allready good acclimatized. From Valle de Colorado it might take you even longer.

Red Tape

Wanda Peak
Pinnacles on Wanda Peak

No Red Tape there. You have to sign up with the mining company in Las Juntas. When entering Valle de Colorado via Santa Ana you have to do some paperwork with the gendarms there.

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Wanda Peak
the summit

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Wanda Peak

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