Warrior Peak SE Summit Route Beta

Here is some detail for route 1 for the southeast summit of Warrior Peak. Sorry for the picture quality. The sun was in the worst possible position for taking photos of the route. You can see several key things here:

1 - a bush. The initial climb will head towads the bush, but veers left before you reach the bush.

2 - rappel slings. This is the location of some rappel slings that were present when I was there.

3 - chimney. After the initial difficult section of class 3-5.2 (~20 feet) aim for this chimney, scramble to the top, and the rest is easy.

4 - alternate route. I attempted this alternate route to reach the chimney. It was barely outside my comfort zone with no protection. (class 4+ for ~20 feet)

5 - alternate route. There appears to be a potential easier route which would require crossing snow. The snow was solid as ice when we were there, so it was not an option for us. It may be worth investigating.

Olympic Mountains, WA. September 23rd, 2012.


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