Weismann Peak from the north-west

Weismann Peak from the north-west

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Location Lat/Lon: 0.32936°N / 29.88764°E
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Additional Information Route Type: Mountaineering
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Class 2
Additional Information Grade: II
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Weismann Peak (4619 m) from the north-west

This route was first ascended by R.J. Johnston and R.F. Peel, on 21.7.1952. Henry Osmaston in his "Guide to the Rwenzori" (2006) records a few other subsequent ascents. Currently a path allows to attain, without technical difficulties, and no need to cut the vegetation, a saddle at an altitude of approx. 4480 m, along the northwest ridge of the summit. From this saddle, descending slightly to the western face of the summit, on easy rocky terraces, gullies, rock falls and screes covered by lichens, the summit is attained. It is foreseeable that, thanks to this new path, the summit will be ascended much more frequently than in the past.

From Butawu Camp (3974 m), continue E along a track that goes up a ridge covered by heathers, passes close to a rock shelter along a small stream, and drops, downslope to the right, into the centre of a large bog, at the end of which it begins to rise steeply towards south-west,up the overhanging rocky cirque of everlasting flowers and giant groundsels. Atabout 4200 m the path turns left, on gently ground, and leads to the top of a grassy knoll and a small bog, then, again steeply, on screes, leads to a saddle(about 4480 m) along the rocky west ridge of the peak, south-west of McConnell's Prong. From there, descend slightly from the ridge, ascend the high part of the west face of the summit, following rare and inconspicuous cairns, and climb without too much difficulty, easy rocky terraces (I / II- steps), blocks and gullies covered by lichens and mosses, up to the summit flat slopes and to the peak, which is a hundred meters south of a fore summit (3.00 hours). Standard II.

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Bosco Bwambale, Simone Iacopino, Milton Kajangwa and Tommaso Sitzia with the guides Alfred Isababuya and Lazaro Bwambale (Rwenzori Mountaineering Services).



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