Weissnollen (Wysnollen)

Weissnollen (Wysnollen)

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.50956°N / 8.08817°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 11795 ft / 3595 m
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The Weissnollen is a 3595 meter high firn peak close the Grünhornlücke. This peak is nice to climb when crossing from the Finsteraarhornhütte to the Concordiahütte (or the other way around). From the Finsteraarhornhütte is can also be undertaken as a ski tour.

Getting There

Weissnollen map routes 2Area map with routes to Weissnollen: 1:Weissnollen, 2:Grünhornlücke, 3:Fiescher Gabelhorn 4:Grüneggfirn, 5:Fieschergletscher, 6:Finsteraarhornhütte, 7:Konkordiahütte, 8:Grünegghorn, 9:Ewigschneefeld, 10:Gross Wanenhorn, 11:Schönbühlhorn, 12:Chamm.

The routes on the Weissnollen can be reached from the Konkordiahütte or the Finsteraarhornhütte.

1. Konkordiahütte (2850 meter)

The Konkordiahütte is a nice hut from which you can view the nice scenery of the mountains around the Konkordiaplatz. The hut is run by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). However when the weather is nice it can be filled with groups descending from the Jungfraujoch so it is good to reserve.
View from KonkordiahütteView from Konkordiahütte

The Hütte can be reached from Grindelwald (Kanton Bern) in this way by taking the railway up the Jungfraujoch (very expensive!) and hiking down the Jungfraufirn to the Konkordiaplatz. The Konkordiaplatz is usually crossed on the east side towards the rocks on which the Hütte is built. The Hütte is reached by climbing the stairs fixed to the rock face.

Alternatively the Hütte can be reached from Fiesch (Kanton Wallis) by hiking up to the Märjelensee. The Märjelensee can also be reached by taking the Luftseilbahn from Fiesch to Fiescheralp and walking through the tunnel to the See.
From the Märjelensee descend onto the Grossen Aletschgletscher. Head north on the Glacier at first close to the middle moraine (the eastern one). As you come close to the Hütte the route comes closer to the side moraine. The route finding through the crevasses to the rocks below the Hütte might take some time. Over the boulders and rocks the Hütte is reached with the help of some ladders, ropes and stairs.

Please be aware (as to my latest knowledge) that there is no stream to provide the Konkordiahütte with water and all water is collected from snowmelt by the Hüttenwart. Therefore there is not much water to go around and the only drinkable water available at the Hütte, collected with much effort, is sold per liter as cold or hot boiled water.

2. Finsteraarhornhütte (3048 meter)


Weissnollen map routesMap of Weissnollen: 1:Weissnollen, 2:Grünhornlücke, 3:Fiescher Gabelhorn, 4:Grüneggfirn, 5:Fieschergletscher.

a. North West ridge (red) WS (1 hour)
b. East flank (blue) L (2.5 hour)

external photo

East side
external photo of east flank ski descent

View from top of Weissnollen


From Weisnollen


When to climb

For ski descent of the east flank the winter or spring is a good time. For climbing without skis and snowshoes the summer or early fall is more suited.

External Links

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Guidebooks and Maps

'Berner Alpen' Werner und Margrit Munter, Bergverlag Rudolf Rother - München, ISBN 3-7633-2415-1, (1995)

'Clubführer Berner Alpen 4', Karl Hausmann, Schweizer Alpen-Club, ISBN 978-3859021624, (1997)

'Landeskarte der Schweiz 1:25000', '1249 Finsteraarhorn'


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