Welsh - Cliffs, Crags and Craigs

Welsh - Cliffs, Crags and Craigs

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Wales - Cliffs, Crags and Craigs:-

The countryside of Wales is stunning in many ways but the cliffs, crags and craigs that it has are very impressive.

This album is for those special cliff features throughout the Welsh countryside with the term cliff, crag or craig in there name such as the title image of Craig Cywarch or the large cliffs that look over the lake of Llyn y Cau on Cadair Idris called Craig y Cau.
I also forgot that coast line cliffs can be added to this album as well. Wales has some stunning coast line cliff features especially on the Gower near Swansea and the great coast of Pembrokeshire National Park.

Attach all the pictures you have of these lovely land and coast features...!


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