West Desert Sinkhole, Utah

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Utah, United States, North America
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Desert Attraction, Utah
Millard County
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West Desert Sinkhole, Utah
Created On: Oct 1, 2011
Last Edited On: Oct 15, 2011

Huge, Natural Hole in the desert

Joseph Nielson was going back to his camp at night in 1927 when his horse would not go forward. He returned to see and found the sinkhole. The theory is that underground water eroded the crust and caused a 100-foot deep hole, about 80 feet wide, with unstable edges. Someone put a wood fence around it, including an opening for visitors.

Getting there

Follow the directions to go to Notch Peak and you will see signs for Amasa ATV trails to the east of the Peak. A triangle can be made between Marjum Pass, Notch Peak, and the sinkhole. The hole is on the northeast edge of the trails. Look for the fence in the distance.

Lots of good, local jobs

You must notice the power plant with the 714-foot smokestack northeast of these features. Twice a day, 100 train cars of coal leaves Wellington, goes up Price Canyon and out Spanish Fork Canyon on the way to Delta. Water comes from a dam on the Sevier river north of Delta. Los Angeles writes a check for the coal and sends it to Utah. Imagine how many local, good paying jobs this provides.

West Desert Sinkhole, Utah

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