West face / Ridge North

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Lleida (Catalonya), Spain, Europe
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Mountaineering, Scrambling
Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
P.D. or P.D.inf.
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5.4 (YDS)

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West face / Ridge North
Created On: Jul 8, 2009
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Col of AbellersCol of Abellers.

The route from Caldes de Boí is the best option if the last weeks of spring or summer in order to don't carry crampons. The snow remains generally in the access to col d'Abellers.

Another option to reach coll d'Abellers has trailhead in the South side of tunnel of Vielha across the valley of Besiberri.

Getting There

Pla de la CabañaPla de la Cabaña
Besiberri Sud s summitBesiberri Sud's summit

See the main page to approach to area of Boí.

Caldes de Boí (1.490m)
: (4h 15m)
We begin just in the small parking near of the Hut of information of tourism (1480m) at 500 m of Caldes de Boi in the road to Dam of cavallers.
The summit of Besiberri Sud is normally reached from the route of Caldes de Boí,

Dam of Cavallers
It's possible climb Besiberri Sud from Dam of Cavallers across the first small gap of the ridge with Comaloforno.

Tunnel of Vielha (1.550m)
: (4h 30m)
Route across the small free hut of Besiberri and valley of Besiberri from South face of Tunnel of Vielha.

Route Description

Abellers and Besiberri Sudsummit
Ridge Besiberri Sud-ComalofornoRidge North

We begin on the summit of Besiberri Sud (3.024m)

We descent now in South direction always in the west face of the peak using the hands in a easy rock-climb (I+) to reach the col with the ridge of Comaloforno. In this point we have a exit to East face and route of Cavallers across a small gap (horcada). We have two options to reach the summit of Comaloforno from this point:

-the easier (P.D.inf.) is descent a spun a few of meters before of the small gap to a shoulder eith cairns. This point is possible to reach from the col of Abellers with a easy walk-up over the ground and stones. We follow the ascent and descent of the terrace in the middle of the west face of the ridge to reach a point under the summit of Comaloforno. We attack the ramp of bad terrain with cracked rock using the hands (I+) to reach a new small gap just at North of the summit. This point is the entry of the route from Cavallers. We walk to the last cone, bordering to right side, to reach a chimney (II) to climb to the summit of Comaloforno (3.033m).

-the ridge North (P.D.): the rope is advisable if you aren’t a rock-climber. In the small gap at South of Besiberri Sud we follow the line of the ridge signalled with cairns. The first part is easy but exposed with cracked rocky sections of II. In a good wall (II) is advisable the use of the rope. We descent across plain rocks (exposed) to climb a nice chimney (II) with good rock. After a descent on right side (attention to cairns) we reach the end of the ridge in the same small gap at North of the summit.

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe in the first weeks of Spring and winter. In summer generally you can walk out of the snow.

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West face / Ridge North

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