Western Ridge

Western Ridge "Ancient Via" 1902 - 1976 above Southern Routes

Monte Emilius "Ancient Via" of 1902 with direct Route on 1976

MODERN MAGIC ERA All Routes & Variants from Southwest From Western Summit of Red Points (3401m). SEE 33 ROUTES OF MONTE EMILIUS (3559m) "First & Third Parts".

From Right or South-southeast: 1823: South-southeast Crest also "Three Capuchins" Route or Standard Via from Arbolle's Vallon and Frozen Loch. Route 24.

1965: Variant in descent. Route 24bis.

1968: Variant in descent. Route 24ter.

1902: Variant in descent. Route 24quater.

1984: South Little Couloir. Route 25.

1990: "Southern Spur" also "Southern rocky Rib" and West Ridge in final part. Route 25bis.

2006: S Slope ("Southern Large Pillar" - S Slope and W Crest, new route between 25 bis and july 2007); (always Route 25).

2007: S Slope (S "Sinuous" Little Pillar- S Slope and W Crest, new route between "Large Pillar" and 25 ter); (always Route 25).

1994: South-southwest "Ribbing pear-shaped" (but not tracked because it is semi-hidden by "Sinuous Pillar" and "Southwestern Broken Pillar"). Route 25ter.

2009: South-southwest "Little Pillar" or "Southwestern Broken Pillar" (but not tracked because it is totally hidden by the South-southwestern "Sinuous Pillar"). Route 25quater.

1986: South-southwest "Great Pillar" or "Direct Via to Grey Fall". Routes 26 and 23.

1875: West-southwest Face or "Passage Corona". Route 27.

1995: "Red Turrets "South Rib (about 3.450/60m) and W Crest: on August 10th, 1994. (Route 27bis or between routes 27 ("Via Corona") and 23 (West Ridge).

1911: S-SW Slope of Collar of the Little Emilius, Variant in descent. Routes 23 and 28.

1968: South E'peron of Little Emilius (Direct Via) and West Ridge. Routes 29 and 23.

1902/1976: West Ridge & Integral, actually "Via Ferrata", since 2004. Route 23 and 23bis. 2006 (always Route 25) S Slope (, new route).

Photo by Emilio Bertona 2004 traced by Osw 2013, November 2021.

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