Whiteman Falls, WI 6

  • Whiteman Falls, IV, WI 6/ 95 meters.
  • This is a two pitch route at the end of the canyon. The first pitch is blessed with incredible mushrooms, which make the route easier than WI 6, but present interesting climbing issues of their own. The second pitch is full on sustained WI 6. We took the route up the right side which placed us on a hanging belay, not good if you have kidney issues. According to Joe Josephson’s “Waterfall Ice, Climbs in the Canadian Rockies”, you can find a comfortable cave for your mid pitch belay if you take the left line. The left line looks to be an easier line to climb as well regarding both pitches. We climbed both pitches to the right moving towards the center at the top of the second pitch.

    To the right....
  • Red Man Soars, IV, WI 4+, 5.10/ 55 meters.
  • In January of 2007, this “play on names” route Barry (Blanchard) put up looked to be pretty sparse, particularly when compared to a photo in Joe Josephson’s book. However, one of my partners had been up the route in such conditions before and said it was plausible. I have provided one photo of the route.


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