Why we Hike...by John Muir

This little sign accompanies the Foscoe View overlook. I think it sums up nicely why I love being out on the trail. Why don't people talk like this anymore? 1-10-07


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bersky - May 24, 2013 12:05 am - Hasn't voted

Thank you John Muir & dwhike

It's over 6+ yrs. since dwhike photographed the words of John Muir. I agree, few express themselves in such poetic ways -- worse many
do not even respect the very gift handed to us that John Muir is responsible for preserving when he conceived the idea of a U.S. National Park system -- now emulated round the world. It is not doubt the best institution existing in the USA.

I am so glad I came upon your photos which are beautiful & find this plaque meaningful, moving & a reminder of what's at stake if we do not begin protect our planet.I decided to read about John Muir to be sure I correctly identified him. Wikipedia has a great piece on him. To quote the Wikipedia article listed under John Muir:

"In the months after his death, many who knew Muir closely wrote about his influences: Robert Underwood Johnson, editor of Century Magazine, which published many of his articles, wrote, "The world will look back to the time we live in and remember the voice of
one crying in the wilderness and bless the name of John Muir ... He sung the glory of nature like another Psalmist, and, as a true artist, was unashamed of his emotions." He added, "His countrymen owe him gratitude as the pioneer of our system of national parks ... Muir’s writings and enthusiasm were the chief forces that inspired the movement. All the other torches were lighted from his."

On his behalf, we should protect the earth & stop the world wide carnage of natural areas & habitats. We do not only want to keep the spirit of John Muir alive, but we owe this to ourselves & all future generations. There is no room for pessimism ( it's too late the earth is finished etc etc.) only room for action. Do everything possible-- attend meetings, write your senators & congressmen, protest fracking & corporate attempts to destroy the environment claiming it will provide jobs & make us less dependent on oil from other countries(instead we can develop alternative energies). Don't want to sound sanctimonious, but when looking at the beauty portrayed in these photos & living myself in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley, VA which is considering fracking! in one of the most scenic and richly appointed wilderness areas-- what can I do but plead (contact the appropriate politicians) & thank dwhike for reminding me that this great man's contributions. Perhaps if we read more of John Muir attitudes can be changed -- his books,essays which are not religious but show that he revered nature, should be required reading for all middle school high school students.

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