Wild Sky View From Gunn Summit

The view east from the summit of Gunn Peak. Most peaks within Wild Sky Wilderness can be seen from the summit of Gunn Peak, the highest point in the wilderness area.

Wild Sky peaks seen in this photo:
Foreground (from left to right): Burley Mountain, Townsend Mountain, Merchant Peak

Center-Background: "Hawk Rock" (peak behind-between Burley and Townsend), Mount Fernow (pyramid-shaped peak immediately far-behind-left of Townsend in this photo), Eagle Rock (peak behind-right of Townsend in this photo), Beckler Peak (peak immediately behind-right of Eagle Rock)

The southwest slopes of Evergreen Mountain can be seen in the background-left of the photo. Flapjack Point is a peak located between Townsend Mountain and Eagle Rock, but cannot be seen in this photo because the mountain is a much lower elevation than Townsend Mountain (which is in the line of sight between Gunn Peak and Flapjack Point).

Photo taken on October 17, 2010.


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