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Location Lat/Lon: 46.88330°N / 10.86670°E
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: May 15, 2004
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Here we were, ready to the third attemp for the biggest mountain in our little world. This wasn´t a mountain, we came to fight against a mythos. But we were 5 men without any kind of fear, we didn´t knew any loosershow. We slept in the car (parked on the only place, befor the house"Rofenhöfe"). In the morning we awaked in a chaos of 5 people and the first wanderers were ashamed of garbage and lousy fellows in the car. Some of us had felt coldness in the night althougth there wasn´t cold weather and other had cool ideas like headwashing in a glacierriver. No description about the terrible pains I have had. But then we went on .
"Rofenhöfe" are the highest farms(2011m) in austria and very old
We used a little path behind the house and after circa 2-3 hours we were on the hut "Breslauer Hütte". The way is the most difficult we had to walk on this trip. The hut stands already before the glacier("Rofenkarferner").
"Breslauer Hütte" Kostick, Micha, Tobi, Matze
You have a wonderfull view in the valley and to the otherside. The other luxurios thing is the hut itself. I didn´t holiday in such a beautiful hotel, crazy named winter(emergency)room. Two other people from munich and a pair from austria were there and in the afternoon we had a good talk with them. Our biggest talker Micha can´t finish his talk with one of the austrias, so we didn´t miss the tv-show, it was live and reality on hut.
Next day in the morning we had really good weather, the snow was hard and we didn´t need the snowshoes. Avalanches from the days befor crossed our way, but there wasn´t a danger, all was hard frozen. Befor the "Mitterkarjoch" we took the next picture. The early sun was the greatest on this trip. We had to take our spikes, because the "Joch" is very steep and about 75 m high and 50°. One of us had forget his. I have to say he wored armyboots and those have wonderfull slippery soles. We used our rope and protected him, but it tooked time and was riscant. As we stand on the top we were in the first clouds and it began to snow.
in front you can see the "Wildspitze" with the snowridge on the left side
view back in the "Rofenkarferner"
Micha picks a hole to shit
Micha on his lonely way to shit.
We went on and there were some skipeople, which came from the station "Pitztal-Express".To the summit we had to use a ridge of snow 50 m high and then you must climb a short part maybe 20 m. On the top we had the best known weather of this mountain with snow and no view and we were happy. After us came the skipeople on top and it was then really a little place. There are 2 summits but the weather was to awful for the second.We went on our backtour.The weather became more and more awful, so we hurried. In the "Mitterkarjoch" we had a problem. You couldn´t regular protect, becauce the snow was to loose. Suddenly one of us (without spikes) sliped away and pulled me ,Tobi and then Matze out of the route. With high speed we went on, no axe can stop us. Matze stoped the race final. The adrenalin dosis was enorm, we felt well. The rest to the hut was only a question of condition. On hut we enjoyed the exhaustion with a cup tea and foot. Weslept very well .

Tobi, Micha, Bergfreund
In the next morning the world was white, we had new snow maybe 15 cm and hurried to come down in the valley. We had to cross a dangerous part direct before the hut. There was many loose snow partly 1 m thick and it was a pur whiteout. On the other valleyside there was massiv thunder...avalanches . Under the borderline 2500 m was suddenly best sunshine and after 1 hour we sat down in the restaurant and viewed like the other guests the avalanchesshow with tea and cake.
2 crazy people, I don´t know


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