Winter 2005-2006 meta-TR

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Winter 2005-2006 meta-TR
Created On: Feb 26, 2007
Last Edited On: Mar 1, 2007


The Winter 2006 stuff kept "gracing" my profile page even though it was already 2007 :)

Perhaps more importantly, it's become clear to me that SPers want to see different stuff on fellow member profiles, such as how they discovered mountains, what they've been up to "before SP", and related philosophy :)

So ... let's move the past season stuff away! Where? An overview of "new page types" says that info on members' adventures belongs in Trip Reports. So here we go - a meta-TR with links to TRs and other pages!

Winter 2005-2006 Plans and Reality

Red Castle pierces the snowcloudsMemorial Day glimpse of Red Castle was among the last cool shots of supposedly-winter planned trips

  • Pitt and Page Hill - done
  • Iron Mine Mtn - done
  • Mt Ellen 1/7 - done
  • Lone Pk 1/22 - done
  • Lake Ck - Heber Mtn area 1/29 (done Bald Knoll)
  • Pfeifferhorn - 2/5 (settled for a lesser mountain)
  • Wall Peak - 2/12 - done
  • Haystack Mtn - 2/19 done on 2/26
  • Lamotte - stopped a few hundred ft short on 4/15
  • Gunsight Pk / Gilbert ... not attempted :(
  • Red Castle area - Squaw Pk: On this Memorial Day trip, skis had to be abandoned early on - it was all booting :)
  • Kings Pk - 3/25 done

Unplanned Forays :)

First leg of descent to Lake...A glide from Wolverine is seldom planned for a specific date, but it is always a must-have fun element of my winter season



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Winter 2005-2006 meta-TR

Trip Report
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