Wisse Schijen

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.09760°N / 7.74210°E
Elevation: 11049 ft / 3368 m


Geographical classification: Western Alps >> Pennine Alps > Weisshorn group

This secondary summit is situated on Weisshorn east side.
The name of the mountain comes directly of the white color of the stones.

This ascent is to recommend, if for any reason Weisshorn is not in good conditions, If you find it too difficult, or simply if you need some acclimatation. The view from the top is very nice, especialy on the very close Weisshorn normal route and on Mischabel high mountains like Dom, Täschorn, Nadelhorn...

Route overview: N ridge : F
1st day: Randa 1400m >> Weisshorn Hut 2932m.
The shortest route starts a little southern of the camp place Attermenzen. This is a long ascent on an easy path. Always take the shortest path to ascent.
Don't take the path to Schatzplatte, longer and with exposed parts. Schatzplatte-Weisshorn Hut is a pasture ascent without path and a lot of confusing marks wich make the route difficult to find.

2nd day: Weisshorn Hut 2932m >> Wisse Schijen Summit 3368m
From Weisshorn hut take the same path as for going to Weisshorn, until you reach the small Fluhgletscher . From here you can see the summit on the right.
On the small glacier, ascent regularly on the right -the left side of the glacier- at a good distance from the rock flanks to avoid falling stones. They are only a few crevasses on this glacier but take care anyway.
Turn on the right and ascent the snow flank to reach the pass 3285m.
Take the easy rock ridge to the south direction until you reach the summit. Sometime take the east side if you find good snow here, and take care if it's too icy.

Getting There

by car (highly recommended)

Rhone valley >> Visp - or when coming from Sierre, tunnel direct to Vispertal >> Vispertal road >> Stalden >> San Niklaus >> Randa or Atermezen.

For those coming from oversea :
Fly to Geneva international airport. Car or train to Visp (Rhone valley) , followed by Post bus to Randa or Atermenzen . Car highly recommended but not mandatory.

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Randa Tourism office
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Red Tape

Parking is not free in Randa or in Atenmenzen. Ask to get a private parking place. This is generaly cheeper than to get an official place in an official parking. If you stay in Atermenzen camp site, you won't have any problem to park.

When To Climb

The mountain is usually climbed during summer (June to september) at the time Weisshorn hut is open.


Atermenzen campsite in Randa.


Weisshorn Hut

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Swiss Map 1:25 000 : Randa - 1328


Das Weisshorn und seine 100-jährige Hütte