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mag mtn
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Lat: 33.9790
Long: -107.1603
County: Socorrow
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 10510

Timber Peak is a seldom climbed mountain not far from the prominent South Baldy. With a solid trail along a mostly bare ridge it makes for a nice climb with great views of the Magdalena Mountains and the surrounding area.

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New Mexico Rank: 138
Prominence: 650'
Quadrangle: South Baldy

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Getting There
From Albuquerque take I-25 South to the town of Socorro. Take Exit 150 onto California Street and drive through the town. Follow the signs for Rt 60 which will require a right turn. Once on Rt 60 follow it west out of town (be aware the speed limit is very slow for a few miles out of town). Approximately 16 miles west of Socorro you will see a sign and a turn-off to your left for Water Canyon Campground. It is 4 - 5 miles from Rt 60 to the campground. Continue through the campground on Water Canyon Rd for about 5 miles where there will be a small parking area (1-2 cars) with a sign for Timber Peak on the left.

Route Overview
There are numerous possiblities for climbing Timber Peak but the Northwest Ridge route is the shortest, most direct, and likely the only route that can reasonably be done in one day.

Northwest Ridge: From the parking area gain the ridge by going up the short but steep slope on a solid trail. Once on the ridge the trail will either stay directly on the ridge or just to the right of it. You will be able to see the forrested summit during most of the hike. About 1/4 mile from the summit leave the trail at a large carin and follow a very faint trail up a steeper slope. Once you reach a false summit and drop down into a lower area there will be some thicker brush and a rocky section ahead. Angle to the climber's left to follow a trail through the rocky section to the top.

Views from the summit:

Red Tape
None, although be aware of the fire danger in the area and be careful of traffic heading up to the Magdalena Ridge Observatory and the Langmuir Laboratory for Atomospheric Research.

There are plenty of camping opportunties at the Water Canyon Campground a few miles below the Timber Peak Trailhead

External Links
Local weather: Timber Peak
Local Search and Resuce Team: Cibola SAR


Route Type:
Time Required:

Distance - X miles (one-way)
Trailhead Elevation - 1'
Summit Elevation - 10678'
Gain - 00'


Route Description

Essential Gear



Getting There
From Albuquerque, head east on I-40 and take the exit 175 (Tijeras). Stay right as the off-ramp splits but go straight through the light onto Highway 337. About 0.5 miles down on the left is the Tijeras Ranger Station. Pull into the Ranger Station and park towards the southern end of the parking area.

Hike south out of the parking lot along the old dirt road/trail. After a short distance you will see the Beginner Block climb off to your left. The other routes are further south on the cliff. There is cliff-top access shortly before Beginner Block and after where a barbed wire fence ends, or you can walk all the way to the south end of the cliff and scramble up.

From Left to Right:

Beginner Block 15ft 5.2
Very short face climb with plenty of ledges for your feet and decent handholds. The rock gets a bit sharp especially higher.

Route 1 (Lena's Hang) 25ft 5.3
Great dihederal route with good holds and a nice mantling move in the middle.

Route 1 var (Dave's Hang) 25ft 5.8
Stats same as Lena's Hang but stays left of the dihederal up the somewhat smooth face. Use just the face for some interesting and fun 5.8 moves onto the easier upper part of the climb.

Route X X ft 5.X