Would u like some coffee on your cream?! :P

Photo from today just a couple hours ago at the mall, I went there to have lunch with Lilianne by surprise.

After lunch, cream with some coffee hehehe

Yes, I already put on some 4kg or so. :)


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Ejnar Fjerdingstad

Ejnar Fjerdingstad - Mar 8, 2013 1:23 pm - Voted 10/10


to see you up and around!


PAROFES - Mar 8, 2013 1:25 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice

Up and around from day 2 at home hehehe
I have just one week before go back to the hospital, so I have to enjoy life outside the prison :P

chugach mtn boy

chugach mtn boy - Mar 9, 2013 2:16 pm - Voted 10/10

Look out!

Whoever cooks for you will put on weight too! When I cooked for a family member who was recovering, I made lots of scrambled eggs with pure cream mixed in. They were soooo good I just had to taste them to set a good example for the patient ... and you can still see them around my middle.


PAROFES - Mar 9, 2013 3:20 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Look out!

Well my friend I am the one cooking here ahahahah
Lilianne doesn't know how to cook and I just happen to be a great cook!


Noondueler - Mar 9, 2013 9:10 pm - Voted 10/10

Hey man!

Looking good ... and the Alps are waiting on your shirt!


PAROFES - Mar 11, 2013 10:04 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Hey man!

It sure is!
Man I haven't decided yet what to do next year: US, Europe again or andes one more time.
I think I need different mountain sets.


Noondueler - Mar 11, 2013 11:42 am - Voted 10/10

Re: Hey man!

If you come to the Sierra or SF bay area let me know!

Konrad Sus

Konrad Sus - Mar 11, 2013 1:26 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Hey man!

Dont forget to visit Tatra Mountains!


PAROFES - Mar 12, 2013 7:18 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Hey man!

Is there any 4000m+? :)


PAROFES - Mar 12, 2013 7:18 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Hey man!

Tatras are aready on my "to do list"


hiltrud.liu - Mar 10, 2013 1:47 pm - Voted 10/10

Nice to see you

Many greetings from the Harz Mountains with best wishes...
Cheers, Hiltrud


PAROFES - Mar 11, 2013 10:05 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Nice to see you

Thanks Hiltrud!
I'm sure I'll be okay in no time.
Planning already next year mountains!

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