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Titcomb Basin
Titcomb Basin -- photo by skunk ape

The state of Wyoming is a vast and beautiful place that includes a wide variety of scenery and landscapes. While large areas of the state are simply prairies covered with sage brush, the mountain ranges scattered throughout it include some of the most remote and wild wilderness areas found anywhere in the United States. While the number of high and prominent peaks here is lower than the surrounding states, Wyoming is home to the Grand Teton, one of the most famous peaks in the world, and the Wind River and Absaroka Ranges, both of which present the hikers, mountaineers, and outdoor enthusiasts who visit them with varying sets of challenges and ample aesthetic rewards.

The mean elevation of the state of Wyoming is 6,700 feet above sea level, making Wyoming the second highest state just after Colorado. With the Continental Divide wandering diagonally across the state's mountains from the northwest corner to the south central part of the state, Wyoming is the home of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and Devils Tower National Monument. The highest point in Wyoming is Gannett Peak, in the Wind River Range, at 13,804 feet above sea level. The lowest point in Wyoming is the Belle Fourche River at 3,099 feet above sea level.

This page is intended as a master list of areas and ranges and other list pages on SummitPost for the state of Wyoming. Many of the ranges listed below are part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem; check out Bob Sihler's excellent page for an in-depth look at this unique and wonderful place.

List of Areas & Ranges

Absaroka Range
-- Northern Absaroka Range
---- Chief Joseph Scenic Highway
-- Southwest Absaroka Range
---- South Fork Shoshone
-- Southeast Absaroka Range
---- Kirwin

Beartooth Mountains*

Big Horn Mountains
----Medicine Wheel Passage

Black Hills*

Bridger Mountains

Gallatin Range

Granite Mountains

Great Divide Basin Range

Gros Ventre Range

Laramie Mountains

Medicine Bow Range (Contains the Snowy Range)

Owl Creek Mountains

Pryor Mountains*

Rattlesnake Hills

Salt River Range

Snake River Range

Teton Range

Uinta Mountains*

Washakie Range

Wind River Range

----Cirque of the Towers

Wyoming Overthrust Belt Range

Wyoming Range

Yellowstone Plateau

*Ranges that are less than 50% in Wyoming

Miscellaneous Areas:

Badger Basin

Great Basin Divide

McCullough Peak Badlands

Mount Leidy Highlands
-- Red Hills


Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming Ranges Highest Peaks

Range Peak Elevation
Beartooth Mountains Granite Peak (MT) 12799 ft / 3901 m
Big Horn Mountains Cloud Peak 13167 ft / 4013 m
Black Hills Cement Ridge 6674 ft / 2034 m
  Harney Peak (SD) 7242 ft / 2207 m
Bridger Mountains Copper Mountain 8300 ft / 2530 m
Central Absaroka Range Trout Peak 12244 ft / 3732m
Gallatin Range Mount Holmes 10331 ft / 3149 m
  Electric Peak (MT) 10969 ft / 3343 m
Granite Mountains Independence Rock 6028 ft / 1837 m
Great Divide Basin Ferris Mountain 10037 ft / 3059 m
Gros Ventre Range Doubletop Peak 11740 ft/3578 m
Laramie Mountains Laramie Peak 10272 ft / 3131 m
  South Bald Mountain (CO) 11003 ft / 3354 m
Medicine Bow Mountains Medicine Bow Peak 12013 ft / 3662 m
  Clark Peak (CO) 12950 ft / 3947 m
Owl Creek Mountains Owl Creek Mountain High Point 9874 ft / 3010 m
Pryor Mountains Big Pryor Mountain (MT) 8786 ft / 2678 m
Rattlesnake Hills Garfield Peak 8244 ft / 2513 m
Salt River Range Mount Fitzpatrick 10907 ft / 3324 m
Sierra Madra Bridger Peak 11004 ft / 3354 m
Snake River Range Observation Peak 9960+ ft / 3036+ m
  Mount Baird (ID) 10025 ft / 3056 m
Southern Absaroka Range Francs Peak 13164 ft / 4012 m
Wyoming Overthrust Belt Range Sublette Mountain 9313 ft / 2839 m
Teton Range Grand Teton 13770 ft / 4197 m
Uinta Range Kings Peak (UT) 13528 ft / 4123 m
Washakie Range Washakie Needles 12518 ft / 3815 m
Wind River Range Gannett Peak 13804 ft / 4207 m
Wyoming Range Wyoming Peak 11378 ft / 3468 m
Yellowstone Plateau Mount Sheridan 10308 ft / 3142 m

Wyoming's 13ers

This list includes only ranked peaks with 300 feet of prominence. For pictures and more information, visit the Wyoming 13ers page.

Rank Peak Elevation Range
1 Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
2 Grand Teton 13,770 Teton Range
3 Fremont Peak 13,745 Wind River Range
4 Mount Warren 13,722 Wind River Range
5 Mount Helen 13,620 Wind River Range
6 Turret Peak 13,620 Wind River Range
7 Mount Sacagawea 13,569 Wind River Range
8 Jackson Peak 13,517 Wind River Range
9 Mount Woodrow Wilson 13,502 Wind River Range
10 Bastion Peak 13,494 Wind River Range
11 Mount Febbas 13,468 Wind River Range
12 Sunbeam Peak 13,460 Wind River Range
13 Flagstone Peak 13,450 Wind River Range
14 Pinnacle Ridge 13,365 Wind River Range
15 Downs Mountain 13,349 Wind River Range
16 Mount Koven 13,265 Wind River Range
17 The Sphinx 13,258 Wind River Range
18 Spearhead Pinnacle 13,220 Wind River Range
19 American Legion Peak 13,205 Wind River Range
20 Peak 13198 13,198 Wind River Range
21 Wind River Peak 13,192 Wind River Range
22 East Twin Peak 13,185 Wind River Range
23 Peak 13180 13,180 Wind River Range
24 Cloud Peak 13,167 Bighorn Mountains
25 Desolation Peak 13,155 Wind River Range
26 Split Mountain 13,155 Wind River Range
27 Francs Peak 13,153 Absaroka Range
28 Henderson Peak 13,115 Wind River Range
29 Klondike Peak 13,114 Wind River Range
30 Peak 13062 - South Downs Mountain 13,062 Wind River Range
31 Harrower Peak (Ellingwood Peak) 13,052 Wind River Range
32 Bow Mountain 13,020 Wind River Range
33 Mount Whitecap 13,020 Wind River Range
34 Black Tooth Mountain 13,005 Bighorn Mountains
35 Knife Point Mountain 13,001 Wind River Range


Wyoming County Highpoints

For more information, visit the Wyoming County Highpoints page.

County Peak Elevation Range
Fremont Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Sublette Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Teton Grand Teton 13,770 Teton Range
Big Horn Cloud Peak 13,167 Bighorn Mountains
Johnson Cloud Peak 13,167 Bighorn Mountains
Park Francs Peak 13,153 Absaroka Range
Hot Springs Washakie Needles 12,518 Absaroka Range
Albany Medicine Bow Peak 12,013 Medicine Bow Range
Carbon Carbon County HP 11,920 Medicine Bow Range
Lincoln Wyoming Peak 11,378 Wyoming Range
Sheridan Sheridan County HP 11,020 Bighorn Mountains
Uinta Uinta County HP 9,790 Uinta Range
Washakie Washakie County HP 9,620 Great Divide Basin Area
Sweetwater Pine Mountain 9,550 Bighorn Mountains
Converse Warbonnett Peak 9,414 Laramie Mountains
Natrona Mine Benchmark 9,121 Bighorn Mountains
Laramie Twin Mountains 8,146 Laramie Mountains
Platte Platte County HP 7,230 Laramie Mountains
Crook Cement Ridge 6,674 Black Hills
Weston Weston County HP 6,630 Black Hills
Goshen Goshen County HP 6,130 Central Great Plains
Niobrara Niobrara County HP 6,110 Central Great Plains
Campbell North Butte 6,052 Central Great Plain

Wyoming Wilderness High Points

Wilderness Peak Elevation Range
Bridger Wilderness Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Fitzpatrick Wilderness Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Popo Agie Wilderness Wind River Peak 13,192 Wind River Range
Cloud Peak Wilderness Cloud Peak 13,167 Big Horn Mountains
Washakie Wilderness Francs Peak 13,153 Absaroka Range
North Absaroka Wilderness Trout Peak 12,244 Absaroka Range
Teton Wilderness Younts Peak 12,156 Absaroka Range
Gros Ventre Wilderness Doubletop Peak 11,720+ Teton Range
Jedediah Smith Wilderness The Wall 11,108 Teton Range
Huston Park Wilderness Huston Park Wilderness HP 10,561 Sierra Madre
Savage Run Wilderness Savage Run Wilderness High Point 9,960+ Medicine Bow Range
Encampment River Wilderness Encampment Creek Wilderness High Point 9,360+ Sierra Madre
Platte River Wilderness Platte River Wilderness HP 9,175 Medicine Bow Range
Winegar Hole Wilderness Calf Creek Hill-West Ridge 7,300 Teton Range

Wyoming Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence

For more detailed information: Wyoming 2000-ft Prominence Peaks

Rank Peak Prominence Elevation Range
1 Cloud Peak 7,077 13,167 Big Horn Mountains
2 Gannett Peak 7,076 13,804 Wind River Range
3 Grand Teton 6,550 13,770 Teton Range
4 Francs Peak 4,056 13,153 Absaroka Range
5 Trout Peak 3,704 12,244 Absaroka Range
6 Wyoming Peak 3,558 11,378 Wyoming Range
7 Laramie Peak 3,310 10,260 Laramie Range
8 Elk Mountain 3,306 11,156 Medicine Bow Range
9 Ferris Mountain 3,282 10,037 Great Divide Basin
10 Medicine Bow Peak 3,243 12,013 Medicine Bow Range
11 Doubletop Peak 3,000 11,740 Gros Ventre Range
12 Mount Moran 2,645 12,605 Teton Range
13 Wind River Peak 2,572 13,192 Wind River Range
14 Hoback Peak 2,562 10,862 Wyoming Range
15 Pilot Peak 2,519 11,699 Absaroka Range
16 Wapiti Ridge 2,505 12,165 Absaroka Range
17 Cedar Mountain 2,480 7,890+ Absaroka Range
18 Observation Peak 2,468 9,980 Snake River Range
19 Mount McDougal 2,360 10,780 Wyoming Range
20 Mount Sheridan 2,315 10,305 Yellowstone Plateau
21 Mount Washburn 2,273 10,243 Gallatin Range
22 Mount Fitzpatrick 2,247 10,907 Salt River Range
23 Younts Peak 2,241 12,156 Absaroka Range
24 Whiskey Peak 2,230 9,225 Greater Divide Basin Range
25 Owl Creek Mountain High Point 2,184 9,874 Owl Creek Mountains
26 Heart Mountain 2,183 8,123 Absaroka Range
27 Bradley Mountain 2,156 9,292 Wyoming Range
28 Baronnette Peak 2,142 10,442 Absaroka Range
29 Atlantic Peak 2,163 12,490 Wind River Range
30 Breccia Peak 2,120 11,260 Absaroka Range
31 Sublette Mountain 2,093 9,313 Wyoming Overthrust Belt Range
32 Two Ocean Plateau South 2,086 10,226 Yellowstone Plateau
33 Bradley Peak 2,058 8,948 Greater Divide Basin Range
34 Windy Mountain 2,042 10,262 Absaroka Range
35 Copper Mountain 2,020 8,310 Bridger Mountains

National Forests

National Forest Peak Elevation Range
Bighorn National Forest Cloud Peak 13,167 Big Horn Mountains
Black Hills National Forest*      
Bridger-Teton National Forest Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Medicine Bow National Forest Medicine Bow Peak 12,013 Medicine Bow Range
Shoshone National Forest Gannett Peak 13,804 Wind River Range
Wasatch National Forest*      

*National Forests that are less than 50% in Wyoming

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Bob Sihler

Bob Sihler - Dec 19, 2008 2:48 pm - Voted 10/10


You might add the Snake River Range and perhaps separately mention the Snowy Range even though it is part of the Medicine Bows. Both have SP pages. Also, although they also spill into Montana, the Gallatins and the Beartooths reach into Wyoming, and the SP pages include some Wyoming peaks for those ranges. Good luck with the page. I look forward to seeing the finished product!


wyomtman - Dec 19, 2008 5:55 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Suggestions

Thanks, I appreciate the input, (especially from a SP stud like yourself, I dig your work) I plan on really doing some work in the coming weeks. I’m really just trying to figure out the format of making a page… if all goes well I hope to make some mountain pages, I got a list! Thanks again, any input is very welcome.

Bob Sihler

Bob Sihler - Dec 27, 2008 6:05 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: Suggestions

When you get to work on the mountain pages, please feel free to ask for any help you might need about information or layout. I'll look forward to those pages helping me vicariously experience Wyoming while I'm here at home!

John Kirk

John Kirk - Jun 30, 2009 1:05 pm - Hasn't voted

Wilderness HPs incorrect

Jedediah Smith: Name: The Wall Elevation: 11,108' Prominence: 348' Quad: Grand Teton Coords: 43.7161°N, -110.8381°W Huston Park: Name: Huston Park Wilderness HP Elevation: 10,561' Prominence: 741' Quad: Solomon Creek Coords: 41.0948°N, -106.9356°W Platte River: Name: Platte River Wilderness HP Elevation: 9,175' Prominence: 45' Quad: Horatio Rock Coords: 41.1048°N, -106.3271°W You need to cite where you are getting your info from also


musicman82 - Jul 30, 2009 2:15 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: Wilderness HPs incorrect

John, I've updated the things that you pointed out and reworked the 13ers list - I've added a citation and am working on reordering the prominence list to match the list on your site. Please let me know if you see anything else! Tim

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