Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 36.55546°N / 50.74656°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 11647 ft / 3550 m
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Introduction to Central Alborz Mountains

After passing Chaleki and Kangarchal on the northern ridgeline of Siyalan peak to the south Yaan is Standing and shining like a diamond. This peak has its unique form in the area and is harder to climb than Siyalan in witer thus its just 3550 meters high!
Its very hard to climb it from Sehezar valley or from the south. Also the western route might be useful in summer but in winter you wont be able to get to the summit without facing avalanches!
So the best way for climbing this peak is to climb Kangarchal first and then continue ascending Yaan's northern slopes towrd south untill the summit of Yaan.
Even this way needs complete concentration and in some parts there is a 30cm ice path which falling from it's eastern side will take you to the bottom of Sehezar valley and if you fall from the other side you wont stop untill Daryasar!

Getting There


See Chaleki page.

The route


Untill Kangarchal it's trekking but from there to the summit of Yaan you may need to use hands on the rocks or sometimes use rope.
The last 400 meters of ascending is really great. The route is full of diversity and each one or two minutes it gives you a new view or a new challenge.



Anywhere. Staying in Teraj would be the best in winter if you start climbing in the morning. Daryasar nights are also great! As I said camp anywhere!

The Summit Views

Yaan 5

Yaan is one of the best summits in the area to get a good view of Takht-e-Soleyman massif specially Alamkuh and Siyalan area.
Toward north you can see Chaleki, Kangarchal, the whole Dohezar valley and at last the whole Tonekabon city.
A turn to the west will give you a great view of Western Alborz and peaks like Nashemin and Samamous.
Toward south you have a great close view of Khanehbon, Kandigan, Siyalan, Taleghan mountains(Like Shah Alborz) and Alamout area.

Hidden Summit


You can't see the summit untill the last steps in this nice peak. The summit is 4 or 5 suare meters and in the last 50 meters the route turns to east to the reall summit.