Zacate Grande - Honduras

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Honduras, North America
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Zacate Grande - Honduras
Created On: Sep 14, 2008
Last Edited On: Jul 14, 2009


Zacate Grande volcano forms a low 7 x 10 km wide island across a narrow strait from the end of a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Gulf of Fonseca and Chismuyo bay. At least seven satellitic cones, some of which form small islands offshore, are located from the NE to SE base of the broad 640-m-high basaltic stratovolcano. Some of these, including the symmetrical cone of Isla Gueguensi in the tidal flats about 3 km east of the base of Zacate Grande, are of probable Holocene age. In contrast to neighboring Isla El Tigre volcano to the south, Zacate Grande itself is extensively eroded, and deep valleys extend from the summit ridges to the base of the volcano.

Honduras - Zacate Grande

Getting There

Go to Gulf of Fonseca. on the road you will find Coyolito. then go direct to Amapala Beach. We find a Guide and start at 0 mts sea level. No trails at all but is easy to be oriented. Take care with vegetation, a lot of spines, thorns. A huge quantities of insects, be prepared. Volcano is easy to climb. But sometimes weather is extremely hot, don't forget water, at least 2 liters, temperatures around 40 degrees, first half of volcano is possible to find shadows in the bush, other part is totally exposed to the sun.

20 mts near to the summit is needed take an easy rock climbing.

Volcan Del Tigre - HondurasVolcan El Tigre from Zacate Grande


Camping is no necesary, I recommended go early, get the summit and back sooner. Then take a boat to El Tigre island and camp in any beach around the island. I was camping in El Burro Beach.

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