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Challenge hike San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek


Posted by salmon_lov on Nov 14, 2006
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Date: Anytime
Location: United States
City or Place: MENTONE, CA 92359
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Hiking
Partner Status: Want Partners


My foot is itching for one good hike! I hope you feel the same....

By the way, I want to do this before snow sets in and cold air come in.

See my last hike: http://www.outdoorsclub.org/PastTrip/PastTripDetail.asp?id=10748&leadername=Lili

What is Challenge hike..the highest peek of Los Angeles? Since San Gorgonio is not such a newsome to me. Plus, I am going Mt. Whitney again soon. This hike would be a great training for me. Please only those wouldn't mind the challenge, I am looking to finish the hike in less 6-7 hours if possible!

We would start at 6:45am only wait for you till 7:00 am. ( I have permit for 12 people but I only ask for five) This hike climbs the Vivian Creek Trail which is the shortest but steepest way to summit San Gorgornio. It's located in San Gorgonio Wilderness. We'll hike through stands of incense cender. Jeffrey pine, beside Vivian Creek then onto the barren slopes of the upper mountain. We summit the peak at 11,499' After viewing the scenery from 360 degrees we'll head back down to the cars. http://www.sgwa.org/trails2.htm

Listen, if the trail from Vivian close due to the weather condition. We would all take alternative route. I'd checked the site to decide it. However, welcome to give me more input on trails if you are experience with San Gorgonio. Let's find out from members board before we make our final decision on where to start and where to end http://members.boardhost.com/sgva/

This is a hike that requires a permit. I have a permit good for 12 people, but I only want take less than 8 if possible ( I always perfer smaller group). So DON'T JUST SHOW UP WITHOUT BEING ON THE TRIP LIST. If you do show up I would not let you join the group just because you're there. YOU COULD E-MAIL ME IF YOU COULDN"T SIGN UP HERE. (BUT AGAIN NO WISH-WASH PEOPLE!) If you sign up, you'd better show up. There is a waiting list with other people who might want to go.

The is hike is 17.5 miles with 5,550'elevation gain. Please know your limit. I am go for non-calculate risk.

You will need an adventure pass where we park. You could buy it at site or REI store. Don't be late I'll leave without you. Bring lots water! (lease 2 liters) some energy bars and good hiking or walking shoes. I don't use polls but if you are, be my guest!

Directions: 34701 Mill Creek Road. Mentone Ca 92359 take east 10 toward to Palm Spring exit on university dr. The exit after 215 and 30 and 330 junctions. make right tward to mountain and follow with highway 38 sign and make rigt on the sign and go appo. 4-5 miles pass Mill Creek Road where ranger station is. Stay on the right till you passed all the residents and reach parking lot. We would meet LOWER PARKING LOT (the first Parking lot you see) and Park...looking for us near bathroom. Understand???

This time we are going on 11/18 and I might want team up with someone here for furture hike if possible...please do contact me for possible of near future. Thank you! My cell 626-354-2880 Lili


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UltraposerSan G Hike


You will have a great time. I am busy or I would love to go. I went last Saturday and it was a great day. We stopped an hour short of the summit, as my partners knee was hurting. The reat of our group went on to get wind blown at the summit. Be sure to dress warm if its windy.
Posted Nov 16, 2006 2:41 pm

tallmountainmanhike a mountain in maine


I'll hike with you here in Maine, in the summer,Mount Abraham, in Kingfield ,Maine I've always wanted to try, mostly ledge, I'd like to see if there 's quartz there with gold veins in it , heard years ago gold was discovered in Rapid River and Quick Stream both run off the east side of the mountain.
Posted Dec 22, 2006 12:28 am



I was on San G about 2 weeks ago. i have to say the weather is getting colder and colder by the day. I was up there about a month ago and then again about 2 weeks ago. But the hike is awesome and is def. a good training hike for Whitney. Vivian creek is the best way to go since it is the shortest and climbs the fastest. the water situation is still good and there is plenty at vivian creek camp and at high camp. make sure you get water at high camp since thats the last you will be able to find until the top. good luck maybe ill see you up there!!!
Andy Mckeown
Posted Nov 26, 2007 12:35 am

salmon_lovRe: Gorgonio


I finally done my first Mt. Witney on the day after my B-day 7/01/07 Took me 10 hours on total 21 miles hike (up and down). That was a good time of year. But I'd go on midnight so won't get too much sun expo & heat damaged to my upper and lower lips.... Thanks to all the Mt. San Gorgonio hike training on 2006 and 2007
Posted Dec 3, 2007 3:06 am

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