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Looking for climbing partner!


Posted by GlacialPeaks77 on Nov 14, 2012
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Activity Details

Date: Anytime
Location: Montana, United States
City or Place: Bozeman
Skill Level: Beginner
Categories: Hiking, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Partner Status: Want Partners


Hey all! New to the Bozeman area (24year old male) and looking for a climbing partner. Really looking to get more experience in Ice Climbing and Mountaineering. I've been rock climbing for almost seven years pretty regularly my level is anywhere from a 5.7 - 5.10b depending on the route. I've got mostly sport and trad experience in this with some multipitch experience in my life. As far as mountaineering goes I work in Glacier Park during the summer and most of my mountain climbing has been done there mostly sticking to not class 3's and some 4's. I find myself climbing alone mostly, i've turned back on more peaks then summited, so I avoid technical peaks even though i'd love to really get after some of the more challenging climbing out there, in due time of course. So im a pretty novice mountaineer as far as experience goes but an experienced climber where i've spent most of my working years in the field as an outdoor educator and climbing instructor. I've got a great knowledge base just lacking in experience.


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