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Tatras (End of October)


Posted by Bermo on Sep 21, 2007
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Dates: Oct 26, 2007 through Oct 29, 2007
City or Place: Tatras
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing
Partner Status: Want Partners


Want to make contact with others interested in ski touring/hiking at the end of October. I am Dublin based, but will fly/rail to Poland/Alps/Norway. If possible a combined hike and ski tour would be best. I only have these dates, so I can't do any aclimatisation. I think 3000m is my limit. I would love a trip to Poland but I don't know what conditions are like Oct time of year. If you are interested or have a recommendation, please reply!


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Tomas KristoforyI am in Tatras in october

Tomas Kristofory

Hi, I plan to go to the Tatras next weekend. I plan to go to Slovak part of the range (the bigger part). I may be in the Tatras also in that date. Ask me week before the trip whether I would go with you. Try to contact active polish SP members Romuald Kosina and Henryk whether they would go with you. By the end of october there may be a lot of snow in Tatras, be aware of the danger of avalanches! The trails are goodly marked. I don't recommend any skiing activity. Official ski slopes won't run by the date and it the risk of cutting the avalanche may be high. A man who climbed 8000s (Karel Jakes) was killed by the avalanche in Tatras in such a conditions. You say, your altitude limit is 3000 meters. In High Tatras you won't get higher than 2655 metres. You don't need any acclimatisation. Crampons and an ax will be useful and are recommended for mountaineering activities. Follow only officially marked routes or hire a mountain guide (for Slovak guide type www.tatraguide.sk in you browser). There are cottages in mountains, you may sleep either there or in a couple of official camps.
Posted Oct 6, 2007 5:03 pm

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