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Yosemite Peaks over 4th of July


Posted by zplustwo on Jun 24, 2009
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Activity Details

Dates: Jul 1, 2009 through Jul 6, 2009
City or Place: Mt. Ritter
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Hiking, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Partner Status: Want Partners


Hey you, crazy backpacker.

I'm planning to do a pretty solid hike/climb starting in TM in Yosemite and hiking south to a big Yosemite Peak.

I'm probably going to do 40-50 mile round trip to Mt. Ritter solo if I can't get a glacier buddy, to give you an idea of where I'm at.

Once we arrive, there are a couple of options to summit, dependent on snow conditions and team's ability.

If someone's got rope (need to confirm we would need it, I don't have any) and skills (I'm cool on snow to 50dgs, only read up on glacier travel, maybe a 5.6 follower outside), the SE Glacier Route on Mt. Ritter is an option.

Also thinking Mt. Lyell: Approach via Lyell Canyon. Backpack 13 miles, 1600' up Lyell fork of Tuolumne River to below Donohue Pass (11 miles, 2000; gain). climb Lyell Glacier and ascend both peaks from the Lyell-Maclure Col.

I'm going to be taking at least one day off, so four days total, maybe 5. I might head up to Yosemite a day early, just to make sure I get a wilderness permit for whatever we want to do. Open to suggestions.

Worst case though I've never had a bad time in Yosemite when I've hiked more than thirty miles, and have often had to plan last minute alternatives to well planned adventures.


About you:

Need to pack light.
Need to believe that LNT is a pretty reasonable set of expectations.
Need to be fit, 15+ miles with elevation gain can't leave you irritable.
Need to not berate me for bringing whiskey on this trip, don't necessarily need to drink it with me, but its preferred.

About me:
Been backpacking on and off a long time, recently upped that to more endurance hiking, alpine climbing. Knocked off Mt. Shasta two weeks ago, going to be trying Shuksan July 11th. Planning a Rainier winter ascent, etc. I can live off of goo, trail mix, and an occasional snickers bar. Snorer, kinda loudly, but roll over without protest and expect to be woken up in the night.


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