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Posted by roundthebineric
on Feb 8, 2010

Getting Started

125 miles

Activity Location: Columbia, Missouri  Date: Anytime

Hey there, my name is Eric and I am just getting into hiking, backpacking, etc. I really want to get into this stuff more but I don't really have the knowledge yet. What I am looking for is someone...

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Posted by farmerduke
on Dec 6, 2008

dude lookin for climb/backpack/bike partner

165 miles

Activity Location: Minneapolis, Kansas, United States  Date: Anytime

hey, i am looking for a partner for some extreme bushwacking trips. I am not a very serious climber or hiker, but i would like to get out and do some climbing or backpacking in the mountains. I a...

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Posted by kong
on Mar 18, 2007

Koskulak: partner wanted

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

Hi: I have a group of 3-pax to Koskulak confirmed. The period is from August 7(BC)- August 19 leaving BC. Please join us to share the cost. Besides, I have some small groups to Muztagh ata in July ...

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Posted by seth@LOKI
on Jun 15, 2007

Skiing in July and August

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

Just to say I skied a whole year, I want to ski a worthy descent in July and also one in August. I may have to resort to the Front Range to make it fun...All welcome, I'm nice.

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Posted by Jose Edwards
on Jun 26, 2007

Climbing partner wanted for LA ESFINGE

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

Hi, I'm looking for an EXPIRIENCED climbing partner to do as much climbing as posible on LA ESFINGE or Torre de Paron. some neighbor peaks as well. i would like to start with the 1985 route and t...

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Posted by purdue22
on Oct 2, 2007

Climbing partners for L.L., Pinnacles, etc

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking for October climbing partners for mid-week trips to areas within a few hours of the Bay Area. Sun through Wed. preferred. I've been climbing for about 6 years, can lead trad 5.8, follow up...

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Posted by matthewscholes
on Feb 6, 2007

alpinists in alaska?

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

hi, im in anchorage,alaska i have untill the 20th of may to go climb somewhere in alaska range. i can go any time from now. I am flexable but i was thinking of going to the mooses tooth.climbing h...

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Posted by PaulW
on Nov 23, 2007

China Ice Climbing

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

Sichuan Province,all January.3 people are going so far need a 4th to even numbers.Focus being moderate grade ice routeswith scope for tech stuff also.

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Posted by Rockscaler
on Jul 22, 2006

East Coast Climber moving out West

236 miles

Activity Location: FESTUS, MO 63028, United States  Date: Anytime

My wife 25and myself 28 are moving to Phoenix, AZ in a couple weeks and are looking for some people to scale some stone out there. I'm a 5.10 Trad lead and can follow 5.11's, she's a strong 5.9 cli...

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Posted by SERyckman
on Sep 15, 2011

Nature lovers in Oklahoma?

289 miles

Activity Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States  Date: Anytime

Having a hard time finding outdoor enthusiast in Oklahoma! Hit me up if you're in Oklahoma and love to be outside!

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Posted by rcwood84
on Nov 18, 2008

New to the City

420 miles

Activity Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States  Date: Anytime

I moved to Chicago from Oklahoma about 3 months ago. I would like to meet up with anyone who enjoys and respects the outdoors as much as I do. I have been climbing for 3 years both alpine and roc...

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Posted by lysnee
on Jul 4, 2009

Looking for partners in Twin Cities

420 miles

Activity Location: Mostly flat alpine training area  Date: Anytime

Looking for others in the Twin Cities & midwest to plan and go on skiing/ mountaineering trips with some modest technicality Short List: Denali-rib or wbutt Rainier-kautz Hood-sunshine Shuksan-any ...

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Posted by Clodhopper
on Sep 3, 2007

moving to Ft Campbell

433 miles

Activity Location: Clarksville, Tennessee, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking for people near Campbell to hike, and rock climb. Always looking for mountaineering or ice climbing trips. Anyone feel free to PM me, I;m up for anything

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Posted by absinthe52
on Feb 19, 2010

NW Arkansas Climbers

434 miles

Activity Location: Louisiana  Date: Anytime

Looking for some fellow newbies or some experienced climbers to hit up Horseshoe/the Mag etc. Pretty new to climbing but am trying to get more trad/sport savvy. E-mail me at absinthe52@hotmail.co...

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Posted by Euroclimber
on Nov 9, 2010

WI Mountaineering Partner(s) Welcome!

451 miles

Activity Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States  Date: Anytime

Looking for mountaineering partner(s) in the WI area. Went on a week trip this year to Colorado to climb five 14,000ft mountains with two people I met online (on 14ers website) with good success. I...

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Posted by Twills
on Sep 24, 2007

Milwaukee area climbers (and skiers)

453 miles

Activity Location: Milwaukee, WI  Date: Anytime

Looking for partners to climb at Devil's Lake or anywhere else within a few hours of Milwaukee. Also, once the snow starts falling I'll be looking for XC ski partners. Oh, I like to occasionally ...

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Posted by cmfrost
on Apr 7, 2010

Climbing Partner Needed in Indy

458 miles

Activity Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States  Date: Anytime

I am currently looking for a climbing partner to meet up with in Indy once or twice a week. I am somewhat new to the sport and looking to pursue it as often as possible. I am a beginner, so I am ...

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Posted by Kifaru
on Mar 21, 2012

State Highpointing Binge

459 miles

Activity Location: Central State Highpoints  Date: Anytime

I'm an Everest summiteer on a bit of a state highpointing binge. Would anyone care to join me on an epic road trip in the next several weeks to reach 15 highpoints in the middle of America? (I alre...

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Posted by Sebas770
on Jul 13, 2011


462 miles

Activity Location: Squamish  Date: Anytime

Hello looking for a mountaineer partner, I am in squamish right now, interested to do some stuff around British Colombia or north washinton, I am a experienced climber and have all the gear. Loking...

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Posted by Ajax
on Jan 27, 2010

Ice Age Trail - Northern Kettle

463 miles

Activity Location: Jump off spot  Date: Anytime

In my quest to knock off the entire Ice Age Trail and become a member of the thousand miler club I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me. I am roughly twenty-five percent done, but I wouldn't h...

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