01 Equipment

01 Equipment

On the way down from Asgard Pass, I decided to document my equipment for the hike. In the fanny pack I had food and just enough spare clothes to probably survive a night.

I tie or sew ½-inch webbing around the waist of a tall bicycle water bottle, with another webbing loop tied or sewn through the first. Adjust the length of the loose loop to allow you to flip it over the top of the bottle. Normally I use a carabiner to clip it to my pack strap at my hip. (Wrap the webbing around the carabiner when you clip it, to hold the 'biner tight against the bottle. Otherwise the bottle swings around and bangs against you.) The bottle is always at hand, and I can unclip, drink, and clip it again without breaking stride. I can fill it without taking my pack off, and I can toss it in the dishwasher when I get home. When I don't wear a pack, as on this trip, the loop fits over my wrist, and the bottle rides against the outside of my hand as I walk. That might sound as if it would constrict my wrist, but it's very comfortable, even on a long day.

This, plus my camera and the clothes I was wearing constituted my load.


Eric Sandbo
on Feb 17, 2007 6:41 am
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