14 Hiking Food Ideas & High Energy Snacks For Backpacking

14 Hiking Food Ideas & High Energy Snacks For Backpacking

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Hiking is a high-energy activity and requires you to be on the go for a long period of time. Because of this, it’s really important that you have the right snacks around. Backpacking is very similar, and you’ll need to stock up before you set off. Consider these ideas while packing.

Fresh Bananas

Bananas are fantastic for a quick burst of energy, and will keep you going for a couple of hours. They are one of the easiest fruits to store as well as the best for energy release, making them a perfect fresh choice.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have a good density of sugar, making them a healthy alternative to carrying chocolate or sweets. You can get a good burst of energy and they keep well for longer trips.

Peanuts or Nut Mix

Another snack you can dip into often throughout your trip, nut mixes are fantastic for good energy and some bone-friendly nutrients. The healthy fats and oils will boost your skin and hair, too.


Beef jerky can be great to chew on your trips. It gives good energy and doesn’t need refrigeration, and will help you to feel fuller.


If you are always looking to do longer journeys and camping out in the wild, then you’ll need lighter foods. Tortillas are lighter and more versatile than breads. You can fill them with just about anything.

Noodle Soup

A great option for when it’s cold out is noodle soup. You can store this in a thermos flask so it’s nice and hot for when your out in the cold. Thermos flasks come in various sizes and will keep what’s inside hot for different periods, see the table on Cook Bake Eat for a good comparison. Not only will it warm you up but you’ll also get lots of carbs to keep you going from the noodles.

Chews and Gels

You can use chews and gels to get your mouth working on the trail, which can be important to stave off hunger. The great thing is you can find chews and gels in all kinds of flavours, and with all kinds of nutritional values.

Peanut Butter

A single teaspoon of peanut butter can give you an instant boost. It can go in, on, or with most of your other foods, making it versatile too.

Energy Balls

Whether you buy them or make your own, there are thousands of energy ball ideas and recipes out there. They are designed to keep you going, releasing bursts of energy when you need them.

Protein Bars

Exercise burns protein, so your body needs to have more of it when you’re hiking or backpacking. There are lots of bars on the market, so choose whatever flavour you like.


A small pot of hummus dip can really diversify your snacks. Put them in tortillas or sandwiches, dip in root vegetables, and so on. The flavour is fantastic and the nutritional values are great too.


Hang crackers on the outside of your bag in a small container to stop them from being crushed. They’re great for sodium content and quick snack options.

Tuna Chunks

If you’re a fish fan, a can of tuna can make the trail go faster. Just don’t breathe on anyone until you’ve had a chance to brush your teeth!

Sweet Potato Crisps

Baked or air-popped sweet potato crisps offer a fantastic health boost versus normal potato crisps. They also offer great taste.

Fresh Apples

Finally, something you can really get your teeth into. Apples are great for your health and will help keep your energy levels up with natural sugars.

Next time you go backpacking or hiking, make sure to pack some of these snacks. You’ll be full of energy and raring to go even when you get to your destination.


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