2003 - year one (Dean)

2003 - year one (Dean)

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Year one?

My actual peakbagging career really started in 2003 at the age of 62 so to me it is "year one".

Prior to 2003, my main interest in the mountains was centered around the Cascades of Washington state with a central interest in the area known as "The Enchantments". I had the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens so I was able to summit both of those back in the late 60' and early 70's but for the most part, I would call myself a backpacker with my main emphasis on that activity. Trip after trip into the Enchantments were made with various friends and family members whenever I had the chance. High lake fishing and photography were my two most favorite things to do with an occasional visit to the top of one of the peaks in that area but as mentioned, for the most part I was truly an avid backpacker. So much so that at one time I dreamed of thru hiking the Pacific Crest trail but job and family kept me from chasing that pursuit.

So prior to 2003, I had probably climbed less than 20 mountains in my life up to that point of playing in the mountains. That all changed when I met SP member Bob Bolton somewhat accidentally on summitpost. He had posted a picture of the Enchantments that I loved and I emailed him and asked if he would be so kind as to send me a higher resolution version of that picture so I could have it made into a picture for my office. That email led to a lot of back and forth exchanges and we discovered that we had a lot of the same interests.

In early February of 2003, Bob invited me to accompany him on a county highpointing trip and little did I dream that that trip would change my life.

Roger s PeakCounty highpointing is always fun to do with friends-Rogers Peak in Oregon

A year of county highpointing

The first county highpointing tripThe 1st time out
Mt Hood as viewed from the...Mt. Hood beckoned
Bob & I on Mt. McLoughlinLofty fun

If 2003 could be titled anything, it would have to be titled "the year of county highpointing". I basically didn't go after a summit or highpoint unless it was the highest point in a county. The guy who really got me into this pursuit of craziness was SP member Bob Bolton as I mentioned above. Before the year was over, I had really covered almost every corner of Oregon and much of Washington. It began in February when I met Bob at Biggs Oregon and together we headed out to pick up the county highpoints of both Gilliam and Sherman counties together. I won't go into detail about our overall trip but I can say with conviction that when the day was over, I was hooked on county highpointing. I had also learned the value of a GPS when seeking out obscure places as watching Bob use his GPS was a real education for me. I really concentrated on Oregon and by the time the snow flew in November, I had visited every county highpoint in the state of Oregon but one as well as a good share of the ones in Washington and Nevada as well. The one in Oregon that eluded me was Mt. Jefferson and I had one trip planned for that one but it fell apart due to a
family need. Two other trips to Mt. Jefferson also were aborted when I broke my finger a few days before a scheduled trip and the other was aborted due to bad weather.

If I could rate the peaks visited in 2003 (all county highpoints), I would list Oregons Mt. Hood, Mt. Thielsen, South Sister, Mt. McLoughlin, Eagle Cap, Nevada's Mt. Charleston and Wheeler Peak, and Washingtons Mt. Adams, Mt. Daniels to name a few of my favorites.

2003 was also the year I met Dennis Poulin, who along with Bob were to become a couple of my best friends. Dennis and I have probably climbed close to a hundred mountains together and that is a similar number to the ones I have done with Bob. The friends I have made since becoming involved in chasing peaks has created quite a list but when all is said and done, Bob and Dennis are the two who have influenced me the most.

County highpointing led to prominence peak chasing later on but 2003 was really the year that I was only into that pursuit. Here is the total number for 2003, overall 75 summits with the most of them being county highpoints:

Oregon Cohp's: 34
Washington cohp's: 27
Nevada cohp's: 6
Idaho cohp's: 3
Utah cohp's 1

27 of those county highpoints were done with Bob and I did 31 by myself.

For all peaks the breakdown month by month looked like this:
January - 0 February- 8 March - 4 April - 6 May - 8 June - 9 July - 12
August - 12 September - 8 October - 7 November - 4

However, for this page, I will only list the summits which were the highpoints of counties since in 2003, that is where my focus was. The end total was 67 county highpoint summits which made up the majority of 2003's totals.
 Dennis & Bob read ...Friendships due to county highpointing

In the table below, if you click on the county, you will be taken to a List of John page that provides more information about the peak/highpoint and those who have signed the register log.

County highpoints 2003

2003 County Highpoint effort
Number Peak Name County State Elevation Date/TR Partner(s) P2K
1 Gilliam Cohp Gilliam OR 4285 Feb 8 w/Bob No
2 Sherman Cohp Sherman OR 3000 Feb 8 w/Bob No
3 Rattlesnake BM Benton WA 3629 Feb 28 solo No
4 Karakul Hills Adams WA 2100 Mar 8 w/Bob No
5 Lilienthal Mtn Lincoln WA 3568 Mar 8 w/Bob No
6 East Peak Douglas NV 9591 Apr 5 solo No
7 Mt.Davidson Storey NV 7864 Apr 7 solo Yes
8 Snow Valley Peak Carson City NV 9214 Apr 10 solo No
9 Lewis Peak Walla Walla WA 4888 Apr 18 solo No
10 Mount Spokane Spokane WA 5883 Apr 19 solo Yes
11 Pickles Butte Canyon ID 3084 Apr 23 solo No
12 Saddle Mtn Clatsop OR 3283 May 9 solo Yes
13 Long Mountain Columbia OR 2265 May 10 w/wife No
14 Indian Rock Klickitat WA 5850 May 18 w/Bob Yes
15 Black Mtn Morrow OR 5932 May 16 solo No
16 Mt. Hood Clackamas-Hood River OR 11239 May 24 solo Yes
17 Badger Mtn Douglas WA 4254 May 26 w/Bob Yes
18 Beesley Hills Grant WA 2899 May 26 w/Bob No
19 Wynoochee Point Grays Harbor WA 4880 June 1 w/Bob & Duane No
20 Marys Peak Benton OR 4097 June 12 w/Bob Yes
21 Mount Bolivar Coos OR 4319 June 13 W/Bob Yes
22 Brandy Peak Curry OR 5298 June 13 w/Bob Yes
23 Grayback Mtn Josephine OR 7048 June 14 w/Bob Yes
24 Tower Mtn Umatilla OR 6850 June 20 solo No
25 Spanish Peak Wheeler OR 6871 June 20 solo No
26 Lookout Mtn Crook OR 6926 June 21 solo Yes
27 South Sister Lane-Deschutes OR 10358 June 27 solo Yes
28 Oregon Butte Columbia WA 6387 July 2 solo Yes
29 Strawberry Mtn Grant OR 9040 July 3 solo Yes
30 Mount Mcloughlin Jackson OR 9495 July 4 w/Bob Yes
31 Mount Thielsen Douglas-Klamath OR 9182 July 5 w/Bob Yes
32 Mount Adams Yakima WA 12276 July 10 solo Yes
33 Buck Peak Multonamah OR 4751 July 19 w/Andrew No
34 Olallie Bute Wasco OR 6280 July 20 w/Bob No
35 Copper Butte Ferry WA 7140 July 25 solo Yes
36 Abercrombie Mtn Stevens WA 7308 July 25 solo Yes
37 Gypsy Peak Pend Oreille WA 5883 July 26 w/Bob Yes
38 9000 foot liner Marion OR 9000 Aug 9 w/Bob No
39 Saddle Mtn Washington OR 3464 Aug 10 solo No
40 Franklin Cohp Franklin WA 1640 Aug 22 solo No
41 Tekoa Mtn Whitman WA 4009 Aug 22 solo No
42 Rey Ridge Asotin WA 6180 Aug 22 solo No
43 Diamond Peak Garfield WA 6379 Aug 22 solo No
44 Eagle Cap Union OR 9572 Aug 23 W/Bill J Yes
45 Steens Mountain Harney OR 9733 Aug 30 w/Bob Yes
46 Hayden Peak Owyhee ID 8403 Aug 30 w/Bob Yes
47 Stevenson BM Malheur OR 8027 Aug 31 sw/Bob No
48 Granite Peak Humboldt NV 9732 Aug 31 w/Bob Yes
49 Crane Peak Lake OR 8456 Sep 1 w/Bob Yes
50 Red Mountain Baker OR 9560 Sep 6 w/Bob & Dennis Yes
51 Gold Mountain Kitsap WA 1761 Sep 14 w/Bill J No
52 Goat Mountain Cowlitz WA 4965 Sep 19 w/Bill J Yes
53 Sturgeon Rock Clark WA 4080 Sep 19 w/Bill J No
54 Pacific Cohp Pacific WA 3000 Sep 20 solo No
55 Liner on W. Adams Skamania WA 8920 Sep 21 w/Bob No
56 Sacajawea Peak Wallowa OR 9838 Sep 27 w/2 others Yes
57 Quiemuth Peak Thurston WA 2922 Oct 4 solo No
58 Mount Daniel King-Kittitas WA 7960 Oct 5 w/Bob & Bill Yes
59 Trask Mtn Yamhill OR 3424 Oct 18 w/wife No
60 Laurel Mtn Polk OR 3589 Oct 19 solo Yes
61 Wheeler Peak White Pine NV 13063 Oct 23 solo Yes
62 Charleston Peak Clark NV 11916 Oct 25 solo Yes
63 Delano Peak Beaver-Piute UT 12169 Oct 26 solo Yes
64 Lincoln Cohp Lincoln OR 3401 Nov 1 w/3 others No
65 Rogers Peak Tillamook OR 3706 Nov 1 w/Bob & others Yes
66 Huckleberry Ridge Wahkiakum WA 2673 Nov 8 w/Bob & Bill No
67 Island Cohp Island WA 580 Nov 15 solo No

My top ten favorites

In looking back over a year it is sometimes a challenge to name your top ten but here are the ones I have picked:
1. Mt. Hood - A solo adventure that I was very lucky to pull off.
2. Mt. Thielsen - The last 80 feet will always stick in my memory.
3. So. Sister - I hit a beautiful day and beautiful conditions.
4. Mt. McLoughlin - A great hike with Bob and a great summit to visit.
5. Charleston Peak(NV) - A 17 mile day with a remarkable bristlecone forest.
6. Mt. Adams - Big big dayhike, great glissade.
7. Wheeler Peak (NV) What a great October hike.
8. Mt. Daniels - With Bob and Bill, it was just simply a great hike.
9. Abercrombie Mtn - A lonely hike and the grizzly tracks got my attention.
10. West side hike on Mt Adams with Bob - huge dayhike, perfect weather.

There should be a number 11. How could I ever ever forget the first county
highpoint effort to two no name areas in Oregon with Bob. Gilliam and Sherman
weren't much in the way of hikes or mountains but they were fun nevertheless.

I'll link many of the above to trip reports that I have already created.

Trip Reports

You will also find trip reports placed on a link to the date listed on the table above. When all the links are complete, this section will be removed
First rock scramble of 2003Mt. Thielsen summit block-Trip report

Prominence and ultra's

Quite a few of the county highpoints visited were prominence peaks and many were ultras. The ultra peaks are shown in the table below

2003 Ultra prominence peaks
Rank Peak Name Elevation Prominence
1 Mt. Hood 11,239 7,679
2 Mount Adams 12276 8166
3 South Sister 10358 5578
4 Wheeler Peak 13063 7563
5 Charleston Peak 11918 8240
6 Sacajawea Peak 9838 6388
7 Abercrombie Mountain 7308 5168

Previous to 2003 I had visited two others, Mt. Rainier and pre-eruption
Mt. St. Helens.

Odds and ends

Oregon county highpoints completed by the end of 2003

Washington's county highpoints were mostly done in 2003 and in 2004.

County highpointing effortWhile this doesn't represent just 2003, it does sum everything up to date

<A HREF=http://www.summitpost.org/user_page.php?user_id=1160 TARGET=_blank>Dean  Mr. Enchantments  Molen</A> near the Douglas County highpointThis vehicle was my mainstay during 2003-lots of miles and wear and tear


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