2010 Activity Log

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This page is to keep track of my activity for 2010, as well as previous years. The activities included are all hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, and running I do this year.

Activity 2010 Goal 2010 2009 2008
Summits 75 75 65 52
Miles Hiked 400 361 370 306
Gain (Hiking only) 100,000ft 116,400ft 103,700ft 86,200ft
Days Skiing 15 12 15 7
Miles Run 500 212 241 651
Miles Biked 1000 820 454 0


Date State Summit(s) Distance Gain Notes
Jan 9 NM N/A 2 miles 1000ft Hiked Piedra Lisa Canyon, returned via north ridge
Jan 10 NM Point 8009 3 miles 1800ft Hiked NW Ridge with Bismark; still plenty of snow
Jan 20 NM El Cerro Tome 1 mile 800ft Hiked south face, nice views
Point 6370 Hiked south face, interesting views of snowy N Sandias
Jan 23 NM Las Lomas de la Bolsa 2 miles 900ft Parked on Rt 14, quick hike
Point 7102
Jan 24 NM U-Mound 5 miles 1100ft SAR setup and training, went up U-Mound during setup
Jan 31 NM N/A 6.5 miles 1500ft Hiked part way up La Luz, clouds at 8000ft
Feb 2 PA Mount Davis 1.5 miles 600ft Climbed Mt Davis and Backbone Mtn, fair amount of snow
MD Backbone Mountain
Feb 17 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft After run, good weather
Feb 20 NM N/A 8 miles 2600ft La Luz variation, turned back past Thumb
Feb 21 NM N/A 3 miles 300ft SAR Training
Feb 22 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft Terrible weather, cold, rain, snow; with Bismark
Feb 23 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft Cold and windy, but sunny
Feb 24 NM Vulcan Volcano
JA Volcano
Black Volcano
2 miles 500ft Hike/Run up and around the Petroglyph Volcanoes
Mar 1 NM N/A 2 miles 1700ft Hiked up Sandia Ski area, skied down
Mar 2 NM Cerro Cuate
Cerro Chato
Cerro de Santa Clara
5 miles 1900ft Hiked 3 volcanic plugs in the Cabezon area
Mar 9 NM Point 7420 5 miles 1500ft Hiked with Helena and Bismark; did first mile barefoot
Mar 10 NM Point 7420 5 miles 1500ft Hiked with Brian; did full loop in ~1:45
Mar 12 CO DIA Ridge 0 miles 0ft Drove to the top of DIA Ridge
Mar 13 NM Vulcan Volcano
JA Volcano
Black Volcano
3 miles 500ft Hiked Petroglyph Volcanoes with Helena and Bismark
Mar 14 NM El Cerro de Los Lunes 3 miles 900ft Fun hike, big storm further north
Mar 20 NM N/A 2.5 miles 100ft Hiked Natrual Enterance and Big Room of Carlsbad Caverns
Mar 21 TX Guadalupe Peak 8.5 miles 3000ft Hiked with Brian; 2 hrs up, 2hrs down
Mar 21 NM N/A 5 miles 500ft SAR Mission 100502
Mar 22
Mar 26 AZ N/A 39 miles 5800ft Hiked Grand Canyon - Royal Arch Loop
Mar 27
Mar 28
Mar 29
Mar 30
Apr 3 NM N/A 4 miles 1300ft SAR PT Eval hike
Apr 7 IN Hoosier Hill 0 miles 0ft Drove to the IN State HP
Apr 10 KY N/A 1 mile 300ft Red River Gorge
Apr 15 OH Campbell Hill 0 miles 0ft Drove to the OH State HP
Apr 17 KY N/A 1 mile 400ft Red River Gorge
Apr 20 NM U-Mound 1 mile 400ft Quick trip up U-Mound via NW ridge
Apr 24 NM Tetilla Peak
Colorado Peak
4 miles 1100ft Morning hike up Tetilla and Colorado Peaks
May 3 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft With Bismark before sunset
May 8 NM Sandia Peak
North Sandia Peak
11 miles 4300ft Knife Edge of the Shield, down La Luz variation with Liba
May 9 NM Ladrones Benchmark 6 miles 2800ft West Ridge direct bushwhack with Brett
May 16 NM Manzano Peak 7 miles 2500ft Kayser Mill Trail with Brian
May 22 CO N/A 6 miles 3000ft Attempted Mt Elbert E Ridge with Doug. Turned back 13,300 due to incredible winds
May 23
May 30 NM Lookout Mountain
Sierra Blanca
7 miles 3200ft Hiked Lookout Mountain and Sierra Blanca with Brian
May 31
Jun 6 WA Mt St Helens 12 miles 5500ft From Marble Mtn, rain, no visiblity higher up
Jun 8 WA High Rock 6 miles 2000ft Had to park lower down on the road due to snow
Jun 10 WA N/A 1 mile 500ft Training at Paradise
Jun 11 WA N/A 11 miles 5500ft Hiked to Camp Muir on Rainier then up to the Flats. Turned back due to avy danger
Jun 12
Jun 17 CO Swan Mountain 4 miles 1700ft Hiked up powerline trail. Nice views and weather
Jun 18 CO Bald Mountain 7 miles 3000ft via Boareas Pass, saw Elk on the way down
Jul 4 NM Lake Peak 5.5 miles 2500ft Up Raven's Ridge down ski area with Brett
Jul 10 NM N/A 1.5 miles 800ft Lower La Cueva Canyon - Approach for climbing with Helena
Jul 17 NJ High Point 0.5 miles 100ft Hiked up NJ High Point with Helena
Jul 20 NY Mount Marcy 15 miles 3600ft Hiked from ADK Loj with Jim; 5:30 round trip
Jul 25 NM U-Mound
Point 7420
5.5 miles 1800ft SAR PT Hike Eval with U-Mound side trip
Aug 1 NM The Needle 3 miles 1200ft East saddle route with Brett; CLOUDY
Aug 7 NM The Needle 3 miles 1200ft East saddle route with Helena; Great weather
Aug 9 CA Mt San Antonio 12 miles 4300ft Up Baldy Bowl, down Devil's Backbone
Aug 14 CO Kit Carson Mountain
Challenger Point
14.5 miles 6300ft Camped over above Willow Lake then hit the 14ers the next day with Brian
Aug 15
Aug 18 NM N/A 3.5 miles 300ft CSAR Mission 100521
Aug 26 CO Wilson Peak 16 miles 5100ft Camped above Najavo Lake then climbed Wilson Peak the next day with Brian
Aug 27
Aug 28
Sep 4 CO N/A 4 miles 300ft Hiked to Rainbow Lakes and back
Sep 5 CO Wichita Mountain 3 miles 1700ft Hiked E face of Wichita, decsended backside
Sep 7 CO Kipling and Belleview 0 miles 0ft Drove to Kipling and Belleview
Sep 8 CO Rocky Flats 0 miles 0ft Drove to Rocky Flats
Sep 15 HI Haleakala
Puu Olai
1 mile 400ft
Oct 4 CO Hogback
Point 6482
3 miles 1100ft
Oct 5 CO Elbert Rock 0 miles 0ft Short, quick hike to Elbert Rock
Oct 6 CO/KS Mount Sunflower
Lincoln CoHP
0 miles 0ft Drove to the summit of Mount Sunflower and Lincoln CoHP
Oct 7 NM N/A 2 miles 300ft Hiked in the southern foothills
Oct 9 NM N/A 2 miles 200ft Hiked along the Crest with family
Oct 16 NM N/A 2 miles 500ft SAR Training at Piedra Lisa
Oct 19 AZ Humphreys Peak 10 miles 3300ft Climbed Humphreys Peak from the Snowbowl
Oct 29 NM Elk Mountain 1 mile 200ft Snow above 10,500ft, drove most of the way
Oct 30 NM Point 7420 5 miles 1500ft SAR PT Hike, ~41 min for the course
Nov 1 NM The Needle 3 miles 1200ft Climbed the East Saddle route with Brian
Nov 6 NM South Baldy
Timber Peak
3 miles 1200ft Hiked South Baldy and Timber Peak with Helena and Bismark. Warm weather, no snow
Nov 16 CO Yuma Corner
Presidents Hill
0 miles 0ft Drove to two CoHPs
Nov 18 CO Selenite Bluff
Two Buttes
San Jose Ranch Mesa
Dry Bluff
Baca CoHP
2 miles 800ft CoHP day
Nov 25 PA Cross Mountain 1 mile 100ft Hiked around Cross Mountain and surrounding area
Dec 4 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft With Bismark
Dec 5 NM Osha Peak
Capilla Peak
10 miles 2500ft With Brian; From New Canyon to Osha, along the Crest to Capilla, road back down
Dec 11 NM U-Mound 2 miles 400ft With Bismark
Dec 12 NM Point 6860 3 miles 900ft With Bismark and Brian
Dec 19 NM La Mosca Lookout 3.5 miles 1100ft With Brian; 30-40mph winds, 50ft visibility, 1+ft of snow
Dec 20 NM U-Mound 2.5 miles 500ft Ridge scramble up and over then back up
Dec 23 NM N/A 2 miles 700ft Hike to Tower 1
Dec 28 CO Cupid
Point 12585
5 miles 2000ft


Date State Area Route Difficulty Type
Apr 17 KY Red River Gorge - Muir Valley Send me on my way 5.9- TR
A-Beano 5.7 Sport Lead
CH4 5.8- TR
Apr 29 NM Ranger Station Beginner Block 5.2 TR
Route 1 x2 5.3 TR
May 5 NM Ranger Station Route 1 5.3 TR
Route ? x2 5.2 TR
Route ? 5.8 TR
May 8 NM Sandia Mountains Knife Edge of the Shield 5.3 Free
May 15 NM Big Block Big Block Route 3 5.7 TR
July 2 NM Ranger Station Route 1 5.2 TR
Route 1 5.2 Trad Lead
Route 1 5.2 Free
July 10 NM Lower La Cueva Canyon Flake n' Bake 5.5 Trad Lead - 2 pitches
Aug 1 NM The Needle East Saddle 5.2 Trad Lead
Aug 7 NM The Needle East Saddle 5.2 Trad Lead
Nov 1 NM The Needle East Saddle 5.2 Trad Lead


Date State Mountain
Jan 1 CO Copper Mountain
Jan 16 NM Red River
Jan 17 NM Red River
Jan 18 NM Red River
Feb 13 CO Durango
Feb 14 CO Durango
Feb 27 NM Santa Fe
Mar 1 NM Sandia Peak
Mar 6 NM Taos
Dec 27 CO Copper Mountain
Dec 29 CO Arapahoe Basin
Dec 30 CO Copper Mountain