2012 St. Lucia

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2012 St. Lucia
Created On: May 1, 2012
Last Edited On: Jun 2, 2012

Sailing in the Caribbean Sea

2012 St. Lucia
2012 St. Lucia - map
March 2012 I was sailing on the west coast of St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea.

Feb. 23 Vieux Fort where we landed at the airport.
Small incident at the airport: The airport security confiscated our passports and held us against the wall. Since every visitor is required to provide proof of a lodging address and we new only the name of the vessel. Vasek and Mirka met us there and sorted out the situation and took us by taxi to the Vieux Fort Bay, where their yacht named Galila ported.

Feb. 23. to 25. Vieux Fort Bay
Feb. 23 Vieux Fort fish market – Dinner Mahi Mahi (also called Dolphin fish) great taste, fried in the coconut oil.
Feb. 24 We swam to the Vieux Fort beach and walked with Lubos, Stania, Tereza, Vojtech and Mirka. After lunch we sad goodbye to our Czech friends, who were returning back home to Czech Republic that day.
Feb. 25. Leaving Vieux Fort after shopping at the market for vegetables and fruits. Sailing to Pitons Bay.
It is an amazing feeling to hold a boat of this size for the first time in my life. She has a soul.

Feb. 25. to 26. Pitons Bay

Feb 25. Sailing to the Pitons Bay was very interesting especially due to a strong wind combined with the unnexperienced skipper (which was I).
We spent the rest of the afternoon snorkeling.
Evening walk at the bay to the Jalousie Plantation resort, viewing the mill, Jalousie Beach and surroundings. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are two giant volcanic plugs located south of Soufrière and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Feb 26. After breakfast and a morning swim we were sailed to the Soufriere Bay.
St . Lucia - Caribbean

Feb. 26. to Feb 28. Soufriere Bay

2012 St. LuciaSoufriere Bay
2012 St. LuciaDiamond Waterfall

Feb. 26. Soufrière is located within the caldera of the dormant Qualibou volcano and the area is geothermally active. There are several rainforest trails in the area with spectacular views, abundant wildlife and several waterfalls such as Enbas Saut Falls. We walked to the tropical forest, the Botanical Garden with sulphur baths and the Diamond Waterfall. Unforgettable great lunch "Roti", the island specialty, excellent taste with a great curry flavor. Snorkeling along the cliffs by the shore of the park, I got stung by a jellyfish.
Feb. 27 - While we were grocery shopping, we met a Czech group in the marina heading for a volcano.
Feb. 28 Morning - sailing to Rodney Bay

Feb. 28. to March 2. Rodney Bay

St . Lucia - Caribbean
2012 St. Lucia

2012 St. LuciaPigeon Island

Feb. 28. We had leaks through the hatches on the way to Rodney Bay.
After lunch we went shopping at the hardware store to buy silicone caulking for the windows and spare parts for our engine)
Feb. 29. More shopping at the hardware store and for fuel for the dinghy, then we were fixing windows, as if we knew that the following day it would be too late.
March 1. Rainy day - A great day for playing cards, cooking, and drinking.
March 2. We took the dinghy to Pigeon Island. Hiked to Ford Rodney with lunch at the Ford Rodney marina restaurant.

March 3. to March 4. Marigot Bay (Hurricane Hole)

2012 St. LuciaMarigot Bay
2012 St. Lucia

March 3. We walked at the marina and the Discovery resort, ice cream and espresso at the marina shop. More snorkeling along the cliffs. Great evening with pizza dinner.
March 4. Morning dinghy ride around the Marigot Bay, fishing and exploring the cliffs. After filling up the water supply for the boat, we continued sailing to our next location.
March 4. We sail into Anse la Raye bay for a peak at the fishing village and continued sailing to Anse Cochon bay.

March 4. to March 5. Anse Cochon bay

March 4. I believe we found the best snorkeling along the St. Lucia Island in the Anse Cochon bay. We saw a great sea turtle and a huge variety of fish including a barracuda.
March 5. After fishing and snorkeling we had a great dinner in Ti Kaye Village.

March 6. Sailing back to the Vieux Fort Bay.
We forgot to close one of the hatches in the spare room while sailing, so we had to wash the salt water off the walls and the floor. Last time cooking on the boat and the last dive into the sea for the last swim. Shortly after we took off to the airport.


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2012 St. Lucia

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